What is better to eat during pregnancy?Share what I eat when I get pregnant

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Hello everyone!Today, let’s talk about what to eat during pregnancy. The fetus is better. The following are all things I often eat during my two pregnancy. I will share it with you!

When I was pregnant with Dabao, I was still young. I did n’t understand those things about pregnancy. I still work as usual as normal people.Like other colleagues, eat fast food!I didn’t pay special attention to what to eat for the fetus. When the best time for yourself, you occasionally ordered a nutritious soup to drink.

Also insist on eating folic acid every day.Remember, sisters, this is absolutely necessary to eat. I insisted on eating in the first five months of my two babies. At least three months must be eaten, and normal pregnant women can eat throughout the pregnancy!Folic acid can mainly prevent fetal neural tube developmental deformities. The first three months of pregnancy is an important stage for the formation of placenta and the differentiation of fetal organs. At this stage, fetal cell division is very strong.The risks are very high. The most common is cleft palate and lip, congenital heart disease, etc. In addition to preventing neural tube defects, folic acid can also help increase the placenta because the placenta determines the growth and development of the fetus.In addition, listening to the doctor said that taking folic acid is also good for pregnant women, it can prevent anemia of pregnant women and prevents premature eclampsia.However, some pregnant women with folic acid metabolism seem to be not suitable for eating folic acid. This is rare. Specifically, listening to the doctor.

I remember when my belly was 7 months old, I also climbed mountains, rowing, singing KTV, corporate dinner, etc. at that time, a leader looked at my belly and said, "Your belly is more than 7 months older.How do you feel so small, just like 4 or 5 months! "From that time, I started to pay attention to supplementing nutrition. I started to buy a lot of walnuts. I must eat at least 3 a day. Sometimes I eat too much.There will be no more than 5. Honestly, I don’t like to eat walnuts, but for my baby, haha, I eat it every day like a routine business!When Dabao was born, everyone said that his hair was good, black and black, and it felt comfortable.

However, my Dabao supplemented the nutrition time is a bit short, and there were two weeks that I had to give birth before I asked to leave home for delivery. For the last one month, the child and grandma gave me a good food every day. Among themThe most thing is the catfish soup. Drinking it every two days, it is delicious.If your condition allows, this can really drink more. My sister’s child is that the mother drinks a lot of catfish soup when she is pregnant. Now that the child is 12 years old, the skin is white.But drinking this soup must be careful of the fish bones. The thorns of the catfish are a lot of fine. I once stuck my throat once. I was uncomfortable for a night. The next day I went to the hospital to let the doctor hold it out.It looks so scary!The photos are still retained, show you.

This is the fishbone that the doctor helped me from my throat, scary?

When I was Huai Dabao, I didn’t have much time to supplement him for nutrition, but in the Erbao, I would not work since I was pregnant, and concentrated on the fetal baby to give birth at home, so I spent a lot of thoughts in this regard, except for my mother -in -law’s mother -inIn addition to nutritional meals, I have learned a lot of experience in others on the Internet, and I added a lot of meals to my baby.In addition, every time the check -up, you can ask the doctor what to eat. Generally, they will give some suggestions, and even some doctors will send you a recipe directly.What is conditions and convenient, Erbao is heavier than Dabao after birth. It feels much better than Dabao in all aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen nutrition during pregnancy.

When I was Huai Erbao, what did I eat the most?Share it with everyone.

1. Folic acid, walnut, and catfish soup, I insist on eating, just like Huai Dabao.

2. Daily nuts, the kind of small bag I bought on the Internet, I insist on eating every day, and I also bought a can of happy fruits. The nutritional value is very high and a bit expensive, but it is delicious.Dabao often rushed to eat with me.Nuts are rich in folic acid, calcium, dietary fiber, and protein, which is very helpful for the development of the baby’s brain and bone!

3. Drink a bottle of pure milk every morning and evening, mainly supplementing protein and calcium, and promoting the baby’s bone development. Drinking a bottle before going to bed at night can help sleep. My little treasure is now 3 years old and 4 months old.Drinking pure milk or yogurt every day, it looks like he is even older than his same age. Two calves are particularly longer. I often look at me and feel like it, hahaha!Also, he is very powerful, and it seems that calcium is more supplemented.

4. Eat more fruits. When I get pregnant, every morning at 10 o’clock, I can’t hold on to eat an apple. I learned online. This point is best absorbed by eating apples.I also eat other things in the afternoon. At the beginning, I ate the most the most of the pomegranates. The guava was recommended by the doctor during the checkup.Then buy every day.Later, I saw a mother saying that eating more cherries. The baby’s eyes firing very beautifully, especially the female baby. My Dabao is a boy. Erbao thinks that he will be a girl, and then buy cherries every day.Boy, but his eyes are really beautiful, especially his eyelashes, so long and long.Those who walk outside as long as he sees him will say that his eyelashes are so long and beautiful.

This is the eyelashes of my Xiaobao, isn’t it long?

5. Bird’s nest, in fact, I started drinking in the third trimester, a little late.Drinking bird’s nest is good for fetal vision, brain development, skin, lungs, etc., as well as the effect of protecting the beauty of fetal fetus, the skin of the baby and mother will be white and tender.

6. Boil eggs every morning, I only eat water, because of all cooking methods, this is the healthiest.Eggs are rich in protein and amino acids. Eating long -term eating will have the effect of fetal protection, and can also improve the immunity of pregnant women. My baby now eats two eggs every day!Super love!His grandma called him "egg mad" all day.

7. Peanuts, I like to eat peanuts during pregnancy, because my mother told me that my sister eats peanuts every day when she is pregnant, so the baby’s skin is very good after birth.I only eat boiled peanuts. I do n’t eat the others. I ’m afraid of getting angry. I’ m afraid of diarrhea.Peanuts are a nutritional nut. It has the title of "longevity fruit". It is rich in nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, iron, zinc and other nutrients. It can promote fetal retinal maturity and brain development. However, peanuts are relatively high.A moderate amount.

8. Sesame paste. I didn’t like to drink very much before, but I also drank for a while for the baby.Sesame contains folic acid and calcium, which is good for pregnant women and fetuses, and occasionally drink it.

The above are what I often eat when I am pregnant, for your reference, but I have eaten it myself. You can try it with confidence, but if some pregnant women are allergic to some foods, they must pay attention to themselves.Attention during pregnancy is rich and balanced, coupled with a relaxed and happy mood, the baby will grow up healthily, sisters, come on!

Hello everyone!I am Xi Xi and the mother of two children. I used to help me live a difficult life because of the sharing of others. Now I will also share with you the successful experience and error experience in my life., Hope to help everyone!

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