What is "Yin B -ultrasound"?Why do you want to do it?Don’t be shy, this time the doctor explained very clearly

Yin -type B -ultrasound is one of the most important means in gynecological examinations. Putting ultrasound probes directly in women’s vagina for ultrasound examination.Compared with the abdominal ultrasound, the image display is clear and does not need to be urinating. It can win time for patients, but this test has embarrassed many women.

Yin -type B -ultrasound is an ultrasound in the cavity. Put the ultrasound probe into the female vagina for ultrasound examination, so that the inspection items are widely used in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.Compared with the abdominal ultrasound examination, it has obvious advantages. It does not need to be urinating, fight for patients, and no longer worry about urinating.When obese women do vaginal ultrasound examination, the probe is close to the cervix and the sound beam is less absorbed. There is no obvious attenuation, and the image is clear.

The vaginal B ultrasound can clearly observe the blood bleeding of the ovary and uterine, and at the same time, it can also observe the situation around the pelvic organ.Yin Chao can detect a variety of diseases such as benign or malignant tumors, ectopic pregnancy and early pregnancy, and pelvic abscess inflammation. At the same time, early endometrium lesions and ovarian tumors can be found in the early days.EssenceSome diseases will have obvious symptoms in the early days, such as hydatidal, natural abortion or ectopic pregnancy. There will be symptoms such as irregular vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. At this time, you need to go to the hospital for a yin super examination to diagnose.In addition, the drug flow, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, or tubal tube can be checked when it is not smooth.

1. Virgin

The vaginal B -ultrasound needs to insert ultrasound probe into the female vagina.Therefore, doctors ask women if they cannot be shy when they have sex, so as not to affect the treatment of inspection.

2. Women with vaginal bleeding

If women are in menstrual or vaginal bleeding, vaginal B -ultrasound may cause infection when ultrasound probes enter the vagina.

3. Women with reproductive system diseases

Women with reproductive system diseases cannot do vaginal B -ultrasound, such as acute pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and vaginitis, so as not to occur during the examination process.Therefore, you need to tell the doctor truthfully if you have a reproductive system disease before checking.

The time to do yin super should be arranged at the 10th day of menstrual period, which can maximize the accuracy rate.The diet of the day before the inspection is mainly light, drink less water on the day of the inspection, and try to drain the urine as much as possible before checking.Choose the lower body clothes that are easy to wear, such as skirts or loose pants.The day before the inspection cannot be used in the same room, so as not to affect the results of the inspection; it is not necessary to clean the liquid with private parts to avoid washing the potential germs; the vaginal drugs cannot be used, such as lubricants, killing cream or treatment of infection, etc.Cover the abnormal cells.In addition, keep your body and mind relaxing during inspection, not too nervous.

Kind tips

Although the vaginal B -ultrasound can accurately detect gynecological diseases, it is not suitable for all women. The above three types of women cannot do blindly, so as not to cause the body to affect the body.In addition, the vaginal B -ultrasound cannot be done in the middle and late pregnancy, because at this time, the fetus is large, and the vaginal B -ultrasound may cause premature premature or premature fetal membrane.When doing ordinary gynecological examinations, try to arrange 3 to 7 days after menstruation, because the endometrium is well recovered at this time, and the menstrual period must be avoided.In addition, make full preparations for vaginal B prematurely, maintain a peaceful attitude, and not be too nervous, so as not to affect the results of the inspection.

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