What happened to those couples who got married because of accidental pregnancy

When you hear "Fengzi Marriage", what do you think of when the bride is pregnant at the wedding?

Sweet, the winner of life is still passive, helpless?

We interviewed several friends who decided to get married because of their pregnancy.Similar marriage experience also laid different seals in their lives.

"The feeling of being tried by moral shackles is very sad to go."

Pei Pei/27 years old

In the last year of the graduate student, I took a half -day vacation for women in the internship company, and I went home to testify.Looking at the two bars displayed on the pregnancy inspection stick, I cried so much that I felt that I was over. I just got an accident at the beginning of my life.

At that time, we did not live a true sex life (if X entered as an authentic sex life), only marginal sex.The menstruation was postponed that time. I remembered the illegal operation of my boyfriend who shot at Y Road shortly ago.

At that time, we had been in love for six years. My parents knew and satisfied both of him and his family. The two of us were married.But I am a rural child. My family and myself are very traditional. I feel that unmarried pregnancy is a shame.Looking at the pregnancy test stick, my brain supplemented a lot of unmarried stories and shame to the family. It was particularly sad.

I cried and called my boyfriend. He comforted me, and then returned home with a pregnancy test stick.I tested it again, and the result was still the same.I couldn’t help crying, and he sat in front of the computer to watch the unrelated video. After that, he didn’t have dinner. If you throw me alone at home, go out.Later, he said that watching the video was to cover up his blame, and what he went out for thinking.

The next day we went to the hospital to draw blood and confirm that we were pregnant.I repeatedly told him in those two days that I would definitely not.He said that he was born when he was pregnant.We repeat this conversation, I said no, he said.

Later, I thought that we first told the marriage certificate, then I was regarded as a child, so I would be considered in the marriage, so that others would not say anything about me.I do n’t know why, at that time, I care about the opinions of others so much. Anyway, the feeling of being tried by moral shackles is sad.

That month we told our parents and received a marriage certificate, but after receiving the reception, I said that I had a baby.My dad knew that I was still pregnant and ignored me.The parents of my boyfriend are very happy, letting me give birth to the child. I said that I would not be born, and they all persuaded me.Later, with the persuasion of my sister, I wanted to open it and decided to give birth to this child.

But my dad’s response made me sad.I hide in the bed every night, and I can wake up in my dreams.After three months, I couldn’t hold it one day and called my mother.I said, at this time you were standing behind me and being a strong backing, but my father put pressure on me.

After my mother cried and called me, she helped me mediate from it. Dad called me and unblocked the knot with me.Next, I was preparing for the graduation defense and preparing for the marriage. After May I successfully replied, I held a wedding with a five -month -old belly in June.

If it wasn’t for the doll, I didn’t want to marry so early. From the aspects of education, ability, and aggressiveness, he would not count the outstanding candidates in my heart.I also want to wait for myself to work stable and economically consolidate. I am about 30 years old and have children.Unexpectedly, people are not as good as heaven.

After having a baby, he changed a lot. He couldn’t work in the past, but now he is actively working hard, and he takes children as soon as he has time.I work smoothly, and the economic income is also possible. The salary is about 4 to 5 times. Although he earns much, he is willing to give me a good time.

Unexpected pregnancy is painful and unforgettable for me.Its biggest influence on me may be that I have accepted it all later, thinking that this is the best arrangement. It may be the turning point of my life and even the whole life, making me get better and better.I may be the so -called "life winner".

But I still regret it. Unfortunately, I talked about a love in the end and did not feel much love. I regretted getting married in a hurry, not being proposed, and regretting that I did not take good care of my body during pregnancy.Eight or two.

I especially hope that my experience can resonate with girls with the same sense, and I hope they can find a solution that suits them.In this world, there is nothing to go.

"I regret such an important thing in life, so passive"

Abin, 29 years old

For four years in college, we have lived together for nearly three years. The last year’s feelings are getting lighter. When I was close to graduation, she broke up because of a small matter.We have also settled to work in different cities, and we moved away.

As a result, as soon as I faded in a new city, she sent a message to say that she was pregnant.I was stunned, and repeatedly confirmed with her.We wore a suit every time, so I didn’t believe it at first. I checked it on the Internet. I felt that it might be because of some of the foreplay, because there were sperm in the prostate fluid.

At that time, I didn’t know what to do, so that she was definitely not exported, and it was difficult to do it.It is also terrible to let the child born. I never thought about what I was my father, let alone so obtrusive.

My parents came to see me at the time, heard me talking to her, and knew about it.I took her home before, they didn’t like her, so I was not in a good mood, but I still advised me to reunite with her and ask me to be responsible for this matter.

Later, I received her with me. We received a marriage certificate. She raised her fetus at home and I raised her.At first, it was very embarrassing and dull. I did not expect to reunite in this way, and the opening was to talk about children and marriage.Because of the customs of the two of us, we cannot get a wedding before the marriage, and it can help us save something.

Later, the child gave birth prematurely. After birth, everyone turned around the child. She was often depressed and had always been unwilling to the child. For this reason, my parents often quarreled with her.I didn’t understand it. I only knew that it should be postpartum depression in the past two years. I was guilty and I didn’t know how to make up.

Our relationship now is different. The relationship is not bad or good. The child is six years old. It is a bond to maintain our relationship.My parents and her have not got along well.No one wants this marriage at the beginning, but now it is not often noisy, it is a lucky luck.

I regret that there are children so early, so marrying early, and regret is so passive in such important things in life.If this is not the case, I won’t take economic pressure from graduation to now, and family responsibilities can try a very different lifestyle.She too.We don’t need to be like this, double binding in a marriage like a dawn of mud.

"He thought it was infertility, I abandoned myself, and I became pregnant like this."

子, 24 years old

My husband is ignorant when he was young. He didn’t know that wearing a sleeve was a responsible manifestation. It happened that neither he and the previous two were bidd, so he thought he was infertility.At that time, I just walked out of the last relationship, and I was a bit self -abandoned, so I did not ask for wearing a set.I fell in love with him for more than a month, and I found that I was pregnant.

In the face of pregnancy, the two of us were very happy at first. After all, we have seen each other for a long time, and their feelings are good.But then I was afraid, afraid of my parents disagreed.I thought of getting married, but I didn’t have the courage to steal the household registration book at home, so I chose to tell my parents.

Parents did not agree with my life and endlessly. I said that I was too grassy. The two had not seen parents, and they didn’t even say that they fell in love with the family.I don’t want my baby to be born without my parents’ blessings, so I have to compromise.When I held me, I cried several times. When I was hanging water before I performed abortion surgery, he also asked me if I could talk to my family.

At that time, it was the hospital in Putian. It took three or four thousand yuan to perform abortion surgery.Later, I went to the Trina Hospital to cure the palace. The doctor hated iron and steel, for fear that I could no longer be pregnant, and told me that I would scrape it lightly.I experienced the Qing Palace without anesthesia, which was so terrible.

After experiencing this incident, my husband determined me.After the child was killed, my parents were willing to contact my husband and found that he was indeed honest and reliable, and later we got married.

But because of my bumpy abortion experience, I couldn’t get pregnant for a long time.I think it’s my parents’ fault, but I don’t want to blame them. The whole person is anxious and depressed.My mother also distressed me, but I did not regret that I had a miscarriage before, because the risk of killing the child was far from marrying the wrong person.

Later, I chose IVF technology and experienced the ovulation needle that my test tube mothers had to experience. Many of them survived a lot.I was inconvenient to go to work, and my colleagues asked me to fight. Non -medical injections were really scary. It was also because the ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome was not painful, but they all survived a little bit.

After being pregnant with a test tube baby, it didn’t seem to have much impact on me, but I tattooed on my body to commemorate the little treasure that could not be born.I am lucky, because my husband is particularly good. Although he is very irresponsible without wearing a suit, he is still responsible for me and my family.

While I felt lucky, I was very scared, because I didn’t know much about my husband at the time, so I decided to marry.After understanding a lot of men who have different words and deeds before and after marriage, I feel that what parents say are very reasonable. Time is the best way to test people’s hearts.

My fortune -telling is particularly good. However, life really can’t gamble. Girls are far more than boys. They don’t want other girls to bet like me, and they still need to think more about it.If you have a miscarriage, don’t go to the Putian Department.The most important thing is hope. The young sisters can enjoy love and sex, and they can also care for themselves.

Instead of facing accidents, it is better to contraception

As I learned this interview, in the face of "accidental pregnancy", some people were surprised and some people collapsed; and when they chose to get married under the thrust of pregnancy, they may later feel the best arrangement, maybe afterwards, or feel that life is because of this.Back on the shackles prematurely, regret it.

If two people are not prepared for marriage and pregnancy, they are not ready to be psychologically prepared, or they accept reality but unwillingness, just to avoid the pressure brought by "unmarried first pregnancy", and "Fengzi is married", then it may continue to live in other others in the future.Under pressure.

The accident is not necessarily beautiful. If you don’t want to take risks, then the contraception may be part of the efforts we can do in the unknown life.

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