What happened to breast pain?Doctor reminds: The most common is these 10 types, the situation can be light or heavy

During the Qingming small holiday, Xiaoli ran to the city where her boyfriend was in, and said that the distance was beautiful and the little beyond was worse. The two couldn’t help lingering every time they met in different places.

After some love, Xiaoli found her breasts. I do n’t know why she always had a faint pain. I did n’t have this phenomenon before. I was worried. I do n’t know if this is a precursor of breast cancer.

After sexual life, breast tenderness is related to the physiological changes of the breast during sexual life. If women are too excited, it will cause hormone secretion to cause breast pain.

People with less sexual desire or disagreement of sexual life, because they cannot achieve sexual satisfaction in the process of sex, breast congestion and growing up will be slow or incomplete. This sustainable congestion can cause breast pain.

In addition, excessive rubbing in sexual life will cause breast tissue injury, and it will also cause breast pain.If sexual life is caused by too excitement, it is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it usually disappears naturally the next day.

If sexual life is not satisfied or the breast congestion of the uterus does not disappear in time, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of sexual dying discord. If sexual life is harmonious, the symptoms of breast congestion after natural sex will also disappear.

If it is caused by too hard care in the sexual life foreplay, it is recommended to touch women properly during the same room, and do not force too much force to avoid breast pain.In addition, the above situation can also be improved by hot compresses.

Adolescent breast tenderness

When adolescent girls’ breasts are developing, there will be mild pain. There is no need to worry about this situation. When the breast development is completely natural, it will disappear.

Menstrual breast pain

Breast pain and physiological cycle also have a certain connection. About a week before menstruation, women will feel breast tenderness. After the menstruation is over, the level of hormone in women’s body decreases, the breast volume is reduced, and the pain of breast pain will also be slower.Slowly disappear.

Breast pain during pregnancy

Women’s breasts are children’s granaries. During pregnancy, the body hormone changes in pain. It is that the body is telling the brain to prepare for the baby’s arrival to expand the reserve capacity. It only needs to relax.

Postpartum breast pain

Postpartum breast tenderness is caused by the effects of prolactin, because of venous filling, interstitial edema, and milk filling. At this time, you need to feed your child in time, or use the milk suction device to wash out the milk.

If there is a breast blockage, you need to use a professional method for dredging, otherwise it is easy to cause mastitis.

Breast pain after abortion

After abortion, the hormone level in women’s body will suddenly decrease. If the breasts cannot adapt to this change, it will cause breast pain. Generally, it will relieve it by itself after the body recovers.

Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis patients are caused by cervical vertebral degeneration and cervical nerve root. Most of them are unilateral. After breast pain, they can also cause thoracic muscle tightness and neck, shoulder pain and discomfort.

· Breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is a common condition of women. Most of the pain caused by chest pain is pain or tingling, which will involve breasts on one or sides of the sides. Patients with severe pain cannot be touched, and they will radiate to the armpits and shoulders and back. Some patients are some patients.It will show dysplasia pain and itching symptoms.

These patients with breast pain are more serious a few days before menstruation, significantly reduced after the menstrual period, and pain will change with emotions and fatigue.

· Mastitis

Patients with mastitis will have local redness, swelling and pain, and symptoms of chills, fever, and poor appetite in the whole body will occur, and most of them occur in breastfeeding women.

· Breast cancer

Breast cancer has a higher incidence of women before and after menopause. In addition to breast pain, it is accompanied by symptoms such as thickening glands, nipple masses, nipples and other symptoms, causing attention.

The incidence of breast diseases in recent years is very high, so we must do a good job of self -examination. Breast self -examination must achieve two words, look at+touch.

Look at the mirror, observe the size, shape and skin of the breast, whether there are dragon rides, orange peel signs, and nipples, erosion, etc.

When you touch it, use your left hand to check the right breast alternate, and put your fingers together on the breast, so that the fingertips can feel the breasts with a steady circle. The purpose is to determine whether the breasts have a mass.See if there is liquid out of the nipple.”Zero plan “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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