What factors cause natural abortion in pregnant women?Or these 4 problems appear in the body

Pregnant women are special groups and must be treated seriously. Most of the women’s lives are careful, and natural abortion still occurs, which makes them overwhelmed, what makes them natural abortion.

1. A systemic disease occurs

If pregnant women suffer from acute infectious diseases such as influenza or pneumonia, a rubella virus will be invaded by giant cells or herpespes, etc.Female continuous high fever can cause irregular shrinkage of the uterus and induce abortion.In addition, if women suffer from heart failure, chronic diseases such as hypertension diabetes, severe anemia, and chronic nephritis will cause fetal malformations due to placental infarction or uterus without sufficient oxygen and blood supply, and eventually induce abortion.

2. Uterine malformation

When pregnant women have uterine malformations such as uterine development, biochemical uterus, or uterine vertical diaphragm can affect embryo beds, embryos cause miscarriage due to dysplasia.In addition, the inner mouth of women’s uterine is relatively loose or deep martial arts, and they will also abort because of the premature breakdown of the fetal membrane.The first pregnancy test is crucial. It is necessary to use a gynecological gluten as a examination to accurately understand the condition of the vaginal cervix of pregnant women.If abnormalities are found, it must be treated strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions to avoid secondary damage to the body.

3. There are defects in genetic genes

The husband and wife have chromosomal mutations to be inherited to the child. Genetic mutations are the main causes of natural miscarriage. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, most of them are caused by the number and structural abnormalities of chromosomes caused by embryo chromosomal abnormalities.Even if such embryos continue to develop, children will be accompanied by functional defects or malformations.

4. Endocrine abnormalities

The fetus absorbs nutrients through the placenta. When the placenta develops abnormal, abortion will occur due to sufficient nutrition.Endocrine abnormalities are the main causes of abnormal embryonic development.When the luteal function is insufficient, it can affect the placenta and molt, which will cause abortion.When the secretion of progesterone is insufficient, the uterine milde development will be dysplasia, which hinders the development of fertilized eggs.In addition, when the increase in prostaglandin, the uterine muscles are constantly shrinking.In addition, when the thyroid dysfunction is reduced, the cell oxidation function will occur, which will affect the development of the embryo.

Kind tips

Women must attach importance to pre -pregnancy examinations. Only the prerequisite for raising the body to the best state is the prerequisite for breeding healthy babies.If a woman has two or more natural abortion, both husband and wife should go to the hospital for chromosome and genetic examination to find their roots and targeted treatment.

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