What does the fetus do in the mother’s belly?Dispving the six things that the fetus loves to do, which one makes you unexpected

After pregnancy, women will have a bad problem, and they have to snoring their belly when they have nothing to do.In the early pregnancy, pregnant women can touch their stomachs, and they can be different in the second trimester.Sometimes, because the pregnant woman has the time to touch her belly, it may also be that the strength is too strong. It often causes the dissatisfaction of the little guy in the stomach, either to turn your head or kick you. The pregnant mother can’t stand it.

Compared with the joy of learning pregnancy, fetal movement may make you more excited and more excited, because fetal movement is the first time you feel her existence.Every time we get the fetus, we think about what the little guy is doing, whether we are practicing boxing or kicking.Today, let’s take a look at a few things that the fetus loves to do in the mother’s belly.

In the process of pregnant in October, the fetus generally experiences two periods of development and growth, and 8 weeks of pregnancy are the watersheds of these two periods.The development period of the fetus is mainly a period of formation of various organs. After 8 weeks, it enters the growth period, and its weight and organs enter the period of development and maturity.

Most mothers felt fetal movement at 16 weeks, and in fact, the first fetal movement was much earlier than this.Most fetuses started to move in the eighth week, but because the action range was too small, pregnant women could not feel it.At 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement has entered an active period, and the frequency, amplitude, and strength of the beating has reached the maximum period.After 36 weeks of pregnancy, as the fetal body becomes larger, the internal space of the uterus becomes smaller, and the fetal movement will decrease.

Well, after saying so much nonsense, let’s take a look at the problems that the pregnant mother cares about. What the fetus is doing something every day.

1. Sleep

We all know that newborns have been sleeping for a long time. Except for eating, drinking, Lasar, they are sleeping almost all day.Compared with babies, the fetus sleeps too much.The fetus wakes up every 90 minutes in the mother’s belly, and then sleeps for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Play umbilical cord

Although the fetus was awake shortly, there were a lot of entertainment projects, of which the umbilical cord was their best toy.A maternal and gynecologist once said: "When doing a B -ultrasound for pregnant women, I often see the fetus holding the umbilical cord to play." It is estimated that this is why the pregnant woman will encounter the umbilical cord around the neck.

3. Spread and amniotic fluid

It is estimated that it is practicing sucking and swallowing movements. The fetus starts to slap her fingers and swallow amniotic fluid in her mother’s belly, and prepare for birth.In fact, the fetal throughput of amniotic fluid helps to maintain the balance of the total amount of amniotic fluid, otherwise it will lead to a large amount of amniotic fluid and affect the development of the fetal digestive tract.

4. Urination

Before the baby was born, he started defecation. The urine would mix with the amniotic fluid and then swallowed them in.Poor bowel movements can be relieved of the problems of amniotic fluid, which is conducive to the development of fetal kidney and urethra.The "children who grew up eating and drinking urine" in the past, now it seems that it is true.

5. Snile

Moms with experience in breeding know that the number of heartbeats of the fetus is much faster than our adults, and they will snoring when they feel excited.Although the fetal hiccups have no meaning, this is caused by nerve radiation, and they can’t control it.

6. Listen

After 24 weeks of pregnancy, the vision and hearing of the fetus began to develop.Although they are full of amniotic fluid, the light and sound of the outside world will still affect them.When the fetus is fine, he will quietly listen to his mother’s heartbeat, and even eavesdo the conversation outside.Of course, they will also be frightened by outside noise and become extremely active.

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