What do you want to do in the first time after pregnancy?Come here to share experience, pregnant mothers step on less pit

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After learning that you are pregnant, do you know what you want to do?

Even if you have experienced long -term pregnancy, or the mother of the second child may not necessarily know so clearly.Therefore, at the moment when the joy arrived, the whole person was actually a bit "stubborn".

01 learned that the first time after pregnancy was not necessarily going to the hospital

Happy fruit is actually not in our plan.However, very lucky, happy fruit arrived, and then the parents were panic.

Gua Mu remembered that day was March 22, 2017. It was the day when the aunt visited, but he did not come.On March 23, I didn’t come all morning, and the sixth sense told Guoma that it may be pregnant!

So, I immediately bought the pregnancy test stick. Sure enough, two bars deep and one shallow.

I also want to be more stunned by Guo’s dad in the two -person world more than one or two years.Guo Ma also has this doubt.Although I was not pregnant, I also knew that I needed to go to the hospital for examination.

So, we didn’t understand anything. We went to the hospital to hang an expert account. After waiting for 3 hours, we opened a blood test.In the afternoon, the blood test report came out, and we registered again (the expert number of the morning was only for half a day), and the doctor said: "I am pregnant, this child is ready to give birth?

Then, there is no more.

Gua Ma and Guo Dad, took a list and went back like this.

So, we went to the hospital, but I was determined again, really pregnant?

Later, Guo’s mother added a pregnant mother group, and they gave me confusion.It turned out that not all pregnancy had to go to the hospital for the first time.Those who found it early like Guo Ma, went to confirm whether I was pregnant. This is something that I can do with the pregnancy test stick.

For other pregnant mothers, for the mother’s mother, it is like opening a new door. It turns out that the world after pregnancy is so different!

02 What do you have to do in the first time after pregnancy?Come here to share experience, pregnant mothers step on less pit

What should pregnant mothers and prospective dads do at the first time after pregnancy?In fact, it is really not necessarily going to the hospital.At this time, novice pregnant mothers and prospective dad have more important things.Guoma combines the experience of people to share three points.

1. Inform your family

Pregnancy is a major event. It is recommended to tell the closest family as soon as possible.

In the end, share this joy;

Secondly, after knowing that after pregnancy, the family can not only take care of the diet of pregnant mothers in daily life, but also share a lot of pregnancy knowledge for pregnant mothers;

Three, now that you are pregnant, you must also consider the candidates for pregnant mothers, and even the candidates of the baby. They must be prepared early.

2. Determine the time to go to the hospital

Not all pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, but pregnant mothers have to determine the time to go to the hospital.

Generally speaking, 8-10 days after husband and wife live, you can use the pregnancy test stick.About 6-8 weeks, the fetus should have fetal heart. If there is no discomfort before that, you can go to the hospital for examination at about 6-8 weeks to confirm that it is intrauterine pregnancy and the fetal heart has existed.

3. Gels with the company well

Early pregnancy is the most precious stage, and it is also the most meaningful stage of pregnant mothers.When I was at home, there may be family care, but when I arrived at the company, if the pregnant mother did not say, it would be difficult for the company to take care of it. In case of what he did, he was dangerous.

At the time, Gua Ma took the pregnancy checklist and showed it to the boss.Later, I naturally enjoyed better treatment, such as working hours to eat snacks, colleagues to help clean the office, and so on.

Happy Guo Mom Syndrome

Just see two bars, pregnant mothers should not panic, do not mess up, follow the steps, the notice of the notice, the examination will be checked, follow the doctor’s rhythm, everything will not be messy!

Finally, I wish the mothers who are preparing for pregnancy can be pregnant as soon as possible!

I am a happy fruit mother, writing in my right hand, my left -handed parenting, and becoming a 60 -point mother and 90 -point myself. I am the goal I am working hard.Friends who like me can pay attention to me and let us explore the issues of parenting and ourselves together.

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