What do you mean by dreaming of dreamed of death?After listening to the grandma of the countryside, I have raised their knowledge

Everyone should have a deep understanding of dreaming.Being a happy dream may be good all day long, and making a nightmare, not only is it easy to wake up at night, but also may affect the next day’s mood.

Sometimes we dreamed that we dreamed of the death of a loved ones. After waking up, the scene in the dream was vivid, just like the real thing happened. Is this good or bad?What does it represent?Is there any saying?

There is a saying in the folk that dreaming of the late loved ones, showing that the loved ones are not doing well there, and it is good to burn something to be delivered. There are some superstitious factors.

Regarding this issue, I asked my elderly Liu in my village. When she said that when people’s body was on fire, she could easily have this dream. This may be her personal life experience.

It is scientifically explained that because I miss the death of my loved ones during the day, the so -called day thinks, and there is a dream at night, and I will have such a dream.Everyone should have experienced this point. When you always think about one thing during the day, you will have related dreams at night. When you prepare for the exam, you will dream of taking the exam, and you will dream of breaking up when you are in love.

When people are under great pressure, and there is no target to talk, it is easy to dream of the late loved ones. This should be a brain subconsciously wanting to release stress through dreams.

There are also scientific research doctrines that are bolder, saying that the world of life is not a real world, and people will reach the real world after their death.

Dreaming that the loved ones who died were not loved ones to come to us, but to bring us the real world where the old relatives were.

For example, when we go to a strange place, sometimes we feel that we have been here. If we think about it, I realize it.

Some monks often say that in fact, it is virtual, virtuality is real, and the eyes are seeing the virtual image. We can’t reach the level of the monk, and Bai Ran does not understand what the truth is.

I believe that with the advancement of science, some seemingly suspense mysteries in the past will gradually be explained reasonably.

So, what kind of explanation do you think is more reasonable to dream of dreaming in dreams?

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