What do these pregnant mothers think when they are pregnant but do not want to go to the birth check?Three reasons are very realistic

Each pregnant woman must go to the hospital for a check -ups on a regular basis, but in recent years, it has frequently occurred in the "refusal" of pregnant women. Why?Are these pregnant mothers afraid of any problems with the baby?

Although this approach is not advisable, I can also understand these pregnant mothers. Let me talk to you today why the pregnant mother does not love the "pregnancy test".

Recently, I chatted with her colleague Xiaoqi and found that she did not do "Tang Si". Not only so many inspections during pregnancy, such as the five eugenics, Xiaoqi did not do it, which surprised me very.

You should know that when the sugar mother was pregnant at the time, the doctor asked me every time I asked me to take a pregnancy test on time. I planned to go the next day for a while. I did not expect the doctor’s assistant to the doctor that night came.

As I said, I promised to go the next day, and I have to say that the current hospital is really responsible.

Xiao Qi was pregnant as soon as she graduated. She didn’t understand anything. She was anxious in the early pregnancy. She looked at the inner palace and outside the palace, the pregnancy sac, the fetal heart, but after several times, she found that the pregnancy examination was "useless".

Every time I spend a lot of money, I am tired enough to say that every time the doctor said, it was similar and ambiguous. The queue of 2 hours was diagnosed for 5 minutes. As a result, a bunch of "vague" claims were heard.

After Xiaoqi, Xiaoqi simply didn’t go. My God, how could this do, under my follow -up seduce, she still checked it.

Is it really necessary to do so much for pregnancy?Are we spending "unjust money"?

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will choose to resign and go home to give birth. In this way, "maternity insurance" is not as useful, that is to say, all kinds of spending during pregnancy require Baoma to pay at their own expense.

A mother -in -law calculated a account for us, and it took about 5,000 yuan from pregnancy to childbirth.

B-ultrasound: 7-8 times during pregnancy, 200-300 yuan at a time, increase the row deformed = 2100 yuan;

Blood drawing: 6 weeks of pregnancy+12 weeks of pregnancy, small construction card+16 weeks of pregnancy, large construction card+Tang sieve = 2000 yuan;

Listen to fetal heart: 30 times each time, 12 times = 360 yuan;

Ferry Heart Monitoring: Starting from 30 weeks of pregnancy, about 120 yuan each time in five times = 600 yuan;

2100+2000+360+600 = 5060 yuan, this is just the most basic inspection money. If you check at the Trina Hospital, there will be an additional registration fee each time.

Of course, money is just one aspect, and more pregnant mothers are concerned about 3 practical issues.

"Line for 2 hours, face 5 minutes". When you are pregnant with small candy, each pregnancy test must be lined up for at least one hour, but the doctor’s real diagnosis time is very limited.

Although there are many obstetric hospitals, there are only a few famous hospitals, especially maternal and child hospitals do not have off -season at all.

Perhaps because of this, the doctor is very fast whether it is examination or seeing the doctor. Every time he hear the same doctor’s order, the pregnant mother has a slackness over time, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel it.

Psychological "torture" is more terrible than the body is tired. If you run back and forth and queue up your body, you are tired when you look at the report.

When the sugar mother and other "Tang sieves", I can use the "Bow of Bow" to describe it. Every time I have a strange phone call, I feel a bit in my heart, for fear that the hospital has found any bad results.

I did n’t eat well like this for several days, and finally waited for the result, but this result may also be turned over in the subsequent.

The test results are "for reference only". The most worried thing for pregnant mothers is that it took a lot of time and money, but in the end, he only got some unknown diagnosis of doctors.

"From the current test results, the baby should have no problem, but this may only be temporary …" This really makes pregnant mothers "tired".

But this can not be blamed for doctors. The fetus is developing every day. Even if the results of the examination only after a day are only a day, the doctor is not a fairy. How can it be predicted that the tomorrow’s thing is predicted. The pregnant mother still needs to give a certain understanding of the doctor.

The birth check will really cause a headache for pregnant mothers, but this does not mean that the checkup is "unjust money". Pregnant mothers must not be willful. This is the baby’s irresponsibility, and it is not responsible for themselves.Once there is something wrong, it is too late to regret it.

Did you check on time during pregnancy?What are you unwilling to check the checkup?

I am a candy mother, a mother who studies a growth type, focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, do n’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your parenting road.

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