What do cats eat for nutrition?Don’t ignore it, these are important!

I advise you, if your cat is pregnant, don’t be anxious, first of all, as a shoveling officer, we must ensure that the diet of the cat who is pregnant is healthy. What can the pregnant cat eat nutrition?Intersection

one.Goat milk powder

Sheep milk powder is rich in nutrients and has a good taste. You can feed it some goat milk powder during the cat’s pregnancy, which can supplement your physical strength when the pregnant cat raw cat.It can also increase the resistance of new kittens.

two.Foods containing taurine and folic acid ingredients

Telonic acid can help cats grow, which has a very important role in myocardial, immunity, and nerve function.If the female cat lacks taurine will cause the fetus to die in the fetus, and the ingredients of folic acid can prevent the fetus from congenital nerve deformity.Therefore, it is usually for cats to eat foods containing taurine and folic acid.

three.Pickled bone fish and chicken breasts

Fish soup and chicken breasts are rich in protein, which can supplement a certain nutrition for pregnant cats. When cats do not want to eat cat food, they can properly feed a little chicken breast rich taste, but also increase appetite, and usually feed more fish.The soup can promote the secretion of maternity cat milk, and to have enough milk to feed them in the future.

But be careful to remove bones and fishbone, because these sections are very pointed, it is easy to stuck the cat’s stomach, which will cause cats to abortion.

Four.Foods containing vitamins

Vitamin supplements can keep pregnant cats’ nutrition during pregnancy, so shoveling officers can also buy some carrots, pumpkin and other foods rich in vitamin and vegetables, supplementing sufficient vitamins for pregnant cats.In addition to vitamins, you can also buy some high nutritional things to supplement calcium or protein to the cats, which can promote the development and growth of the fetus.

five.Nutrition cat food

Do not eat some additives, food attracting agents, etc. during pregnancy, and too many cats such as foods will affect the malnutrition of the fetus, so it is necessary to replace the cat food suitable for maternal cats.In the choice of cat food, we can choose cat food containing vitamins and cellulose, which helps the fetus absorption.For example, the following:

In addition to these foods to supplement nutrition, shovel officers also have to take cats to sun exposure and do exercise, but do not do too intense exercise, you can take cats to play below or take a walk, so that the fetus can grow better.

If the pregnant cat is not willing to move, the shoveling officer can also use some snacks to guide the cat to move.

Conclusion: What do you eat for your cats to supplement nutrition?

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