What can prospective dad do during pregnancy?

People often praise their mother’s greatness.Indeed, in October, the mother’s contribution was huge.But this kind of praise actually has a hidden meaning, that is, it has nothing to do with the masters.But Lao Shan tells you that a healthy and beautiful baby, a harmonious and happy family needs to make great investment and efforts.But it is not difficult to do this, and it is well prepared for being a good father in the future.Today, Lao Dan wants to share with you here is 10 simple things that the husband can do every day when your wife is pregnant.You don’t necessarily do each one, but the more you do, it will make you a more responsible husband and a competent dad.Conscience, "How are you in the mood today?" It reflects your concern for her

Pregnant women should keep their mood happy

The changes in the body of pregnant women are easy to notice, but the psychological changes are difficult to notice, especially the first pregnant women.Will she be nervous and afraid of the birth of her child? Will her pregnancy response cause her psychological collapse?Psychologically comforting his wife can not only reduce stress, but also play a positive role in the baby.

Women who are pregnant are very insecure because her appearance will change a lot.Especially after three months, the expectant mother’s body will change a lot, and there will be many wrinkles caused by stretching.If you have a chance, you often tell her that "you are beautiful" is actually passing a message. Some people care about her, no matter what she changes.Understand the baby’s birth knowledge

Understand the baby’s birth knowledge

That’s right, the mother should know what the child should do most.But when the child is born, the mother still needs someone to guide it. At this time, the prospective father can play a role.So when the prospective mother read the information, the prospective dad also needs a backup to study hard.

The prospective dad also needs to participate in prenatal training with expectant mothers.For example, do respiratory training with his wife.Hold an ice cube with an ice cubes for a minute, and how to control your breathing when training the contraction.Of course, the real childbirth pain is much greater than the ice -holding experiment.But this also allows you to appreciate the pain of your mother during childbirth, and you can understand and appreciate her mood better.Do housework and keep your family hygiene

Divide the housework

Washing dishes, washing clothes, and drag.The sharing of any family chores will be helpful to reduce the pressure of expectant mothers.Moreover, when the child is born, Dad will be familiar with these housework without having to be busy.

Women who are pregnant are difficult to bend over. At this time, they need to clean up the floor to clean the floor for hygiene.Ensuring sanitation inside and outside the family is also important for maintaining a mood.

Even if the wife always cooks, the husband needs to participate in cooking.If you are lazy, the first place that needs to be changed should be the kitchen.This helps expectant mothers to reduce the burden.Understand the plan to go to the hospital, discuss with the doctor, and remind pregnant women to supplement vitamin, folic acid and other health products on time

Meet the obstetrician together

The prospective dad needs to know when to go to the hospital for examination and see the obstetrician and gynecologist.Listening to the fetal heartbeat and understanding the condition of the fetus. This is a very excited thing for the mother -in -law. Participating in it to let the doctors and expectant mothers know that you are also very interested.

Expectant mothers may become unforgettable during pregnancy.During pregnancy, health products such as vitamins and folic acid are important for infants. Remember to remind expectant mothers to take it on time.

In addition, pay special attention to reminding to ensure that enough DHA intake (eat more cooked fish), prohibit eating unsustering meat, fish, etc., which may bring parasites, and prohibit drinking drinks with alcohol.Share your mood with expectant mothers, often communicate with expectant mothers, and speak as softer as possible

Communicate with his wife

The prospective dad may be excited, scared, helpless, and discussed with the expectant mother to let her know your thoughts.Discussing future nurturing plans will also make your relationship closer.

Even if you work very busy, you need to communicate with your wife more when you get home.You can talk about anything, make an appointment with the doctor, say something love, and tell a joke.Don’t get home, just care about your own affairs and leave your wife aside.

Be patient and pay attention to the words of speaking.This is actually difficult, especially for men who are not very good.During pregnancy, his wife’s temperament will change a lot.What the husband should do is to tolerate these changes.It’s easy to say, it’s difficult to do, try to try.

Depression during pregnancy is very common.If it is not handled properly, it will even cause tragedy.When speaking, it is best to be gentle, and not to use words too intense.Make pregnant women happy.Take a walk with expectant mothers to massage the expectant mother

Exercise with your wife

Pregnant women need an appropriate exercise and take a walk with expectant mothers to help her relieve her symptoms during pregnancy and maintain a good mood.

During pregnancy, many parts of expectant mothers will swell and pain, which is very different from before pregnancy.Massage for expectant mothers can help her relieve pain and reduce psychological pressure.And these physical contact can also help enhance the intimate relationship between husband and wife.You can make a whole body massage for expectant mothers before going to bed.

If you have the conditions to take a bath for the prospective mother.This is actually a very romantic thing.Participate in the hobby of expectant mothers

Cultivate hobbies together

She likes to knit sweaters?Learn to her.She likes to bake and try to get started.

Of course, some dangerous hobbies must be prohibited, such as drinking.If you have the habit of drinking, it is best to quit this time.Smoking needs to be prohibited (including prospective dad and expectant mother). Smoking dad smoking can also cause pregnant women to inhale second -hand smoke, which is very harmful to the baby, including may lead to premature birth, baby deformity, after birth, baby is easy to die (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome orSIDS).These are the facts of a lot of data.If you really can’t stand the addiction, the prospective dad can go to a far place (more than 100 meters) to smoke to make sure that the pregnant woman will not be sucking the second -hand smoke. Remember to clean the mouth.Prepare for the baby’s birth


Are the cribs ready?Is the diaper table installed?These prospective dad must actively act as a nurse to start action.Expectant mothers should also be very interested in these, form a team together to complete these projects.Don’t compare your wife with others

Don’t compare your wife with other women

This sentence is of course applied to all times, but especially when she is pregnant.The situation of each woman is not the same. There are situations that make you worry. Please contact your doctor and don’t compare her with other women.Don’t put your pillow with pregnant women

Pregnant woman pillow

After 6 months of pregnancy, pregnant women may prefer her pillow rather than a man lying next to it.Don’t put air with her pillows at this time.Support your wife and leave her enough space in bed.

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