What can I eat for gastric acid caused by pregnancy?What are the precautions?

Moms during pregnancy will have various pregnancy reactions, which is a common phenomenon.In particular, many pregnant women will have excessive stomach acid reactions during pregnancy.Each person’s constitution is different, and the intensity of gastric acid reactions is different.But excessive gastric acid will affect the appetite and health of pregnant women, and indirectly affect the fetus.Pregnant women cannot take medicine at will.So what can I eat stomach acid to alleviate?

First, what can gastric acids caused by pregnancy to relieve?

1. Peanut.Peanuts can be said to be a relatively common food. It not only contains rich nutrition, but also contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals.Eating a few peanuts after pregnant women has a good relief effect on gastric acid.But do it well to eat cooked peanuts.

2. Yam.Yam is an alkaline food.Pregnant women with excessive stomach acid can not only supplement nutrition, but also strengthen the spleen and stomach.However, it is not necessary to add sugar when cooking yam, because sugar can cause gastric acid secretion.

3. Carrot.Carrots are also alkaline foods, which can play a neutralization role in gastric acid.Carrots can be washed and eaten, which can relieve gastric acid very well.But if it is used to squeeze juice, it may be not so good.After the stomach acid is relieved, the amount of consumption can be reduced, and it will slowly return to normal.

4. Eggshell powder.The ingredients in the eggshell are calcium carbonate, which can react with gastric acid to reduce gastric acid in the body. The powder of the egg shells can also protect the gastric mucosa.In addition, magnesium carbonate and calcium phosphate in its ingredients are beneficial to the body.

2. What are the precautions for pregnancy?

Special attention should be paid to things that you can’t drink stomach acid. Some people think that drinking milk deliberately relieve excessive gastric acid. In fact, this is wrong.Drink milk, especially pregnant women.After drinking milk, it will stimulate the gastric secrete hormone and produce more gastric acid.Not only can stomach sour fail to alleviate, it will be more serious.If pregnant women are too uncomfortable, they can drink an appropriate amount of soda.

Pregnant women should pay attention to the light diet during pregnancy during pregnancy, and also supplement nutrition. Pay more attention to rest. Do not eat too greasy things.Food is balanced and eats less.Exercise more after meals, enhance physical fitness, is also beneficial to the fetus in the future.If the symptoms of gastric acid are severe, eat some alkaline foods, but it should also be appropriate.

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