What are you still scolding Ma Sichun from love to pregnancy?

Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan were photographed in the UK.

From being pregnant a few months ago to the present, Ma Sichun has not responded positively, and this time, combined with her state in the photo, a new remark was pushed to the public: Ma SiPure is treated in the UK.

As for whether it is really ingredient or add oil and vinegar, no one says it is good.

In short, the final result was that she was scolded again …

Childhood and personality

For so many years in the circle, sheep have never seen any actress who can be vomited so miserable and wide range: from looks to personality to body, then from the selection standard to the attitude of mate selection to the view of love. Where does Ma Sichun appear?Where is the spit position.

The appearance of Zhang Zhexuan turned the wind to a certain extent.

The annoying Zhang Zhexuan has ignored the other traits of Ma Sichun. Since then, almost only one of her slot is left: love brain.

The beautiful wealthy female X with a background is "suspected of 10,000 people"?

Behind the traffic password is actually Ma Sichun’s own love game.

To some extent, sheep actually understands Ma Sichun, because none of us can deny the beauty of love. This is a mental state and a physiological instinct.

Scientists have confirmed very long ago that there is actually a very small and active area at the bottom of our brain, which is related to desire, motivation, and desire.

Cells in this area can make dopamine. In layman’s terms, it is a natural stimulant, especially when in love, these cells will be more active than usual.

And these dopamine are not controlled by emotion, and they will have a suppression effect on our will and memory, blurring our normal judgments. Therefore, couples in love will always give others a feeling of "losing rationality".

In this sense, everyone has the potential of love.

Everyone can become a love brain, but not everyone is in love. Why is it so coincidentally caught up by Ma Sichun?

The definition of love in the academic community is obsessed with attachment.

But about who we will fall in love with, and what kind of people will spend a lifetime, in fact, there is no clear path. Psychological experts who specialize in human emotions have given several elements: social factors, economic level, and the most critical childhood experience.

Childhood is the most important part of life, because it has shaped us to a certain extent, and family consultant Dr. Mllan once said that the way for everyone to lover is determined by the behavior of individuals in an individual.

The people in love and brain generally have a common feature: lack of security caused by inferiority.

In essence, the sense of security comes from two aspects: money and love.

Before Ma Sichun, there were several more famous love brains in the circle.

Zhang Liangying, who was "forced to marry" in front of the fans at the age of 20 years when she took the age of 20, she was a typical example of her childhood experienced victims —

Her father was a male and female, alienated her, and her mother had no money. She had to ask her father to "give alms" for 100 yuan per month.

The loss of father’s love and the embarrassment of life constantly eroded her. Her heart was shrouded in anxiety and fragility, and lacking a force that could make her feel at ease.

In this case, she can easily compare Feng Ye, who is a teenager, has dependence. What she wants is not only love, but also a sense of stability beyond love.

Ma Sichun is a special case. Her family is happy, there is no shortage of money, but also inferiority and eager to redeem.

In the way psychologist Kaye Yorkovich, Ma Sichun belongs to the personality of the prayer.

"Prayer" usually grows in an excessive protection or excessive family. Since childhood, they will be obedient in front of their parents to avoid contradictions with their parents.

And Ma Sichun’s mother happened to have a strong desire to control.

Ma Sichun’s family education brings some paranoia, and her teenagers spent all through obedience.

The family asked her to be obedient and sensible. Before doing things, she had to consider others. After coming to Beijing, her mother gave her a lot of rules, including access control time.In a sense, she is even more restrained to go home than in school. At home, she must wait for the elders to move chopsticks first.

This is a very extreme Chinese -style education model: parents not only want to "take care of" your present, but also "master" your future.

Ma Sichun’s mother even pinned her dream as a host for a while to her daughter.

In the rebellious adolescence, Ma Sichun has always been a good girl who obey the will of the elders.

And this kind of personality children do not like conflict contradictions. They are better at persuading themselves or bowing their heads to admit their mistakes than dealing with disputes.

In the negation of self and personal needs, a cowardly and inferior personality has gradually formed.

"Love Brain" Ma Sichun

Zhou Dongyu discussed the script with Ma Sichun when he took "You of You". When the heroine was bullyed by the classmate campus and smashed the back brain with basketball, Zhou Dongyu asked: Why don’t she look back?Ma Sichun said: Dare not.

Ma Sichun has experienced real school violence.

The weak personality brought to her, coupled with her fat figure, made her easily become the object of campus violence.

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