What are the taboos during pregnancy. From the past, since the ancient times, I have to admire the brains of ancient people.

My wife was pregnant. I went to the Internet to check the precautions during pregnancy. I saw that I had taboos during pregnancy. There were a lot of people who could not do during pregnancy and had to admire the brains of ancient people.Write them and show them the taboos of pregnancy from ancient times.

1. Do not decorate the house and move during pregnancy

In ancient times, in the case of pregnant women at home, it was not possible to decorate a house or move. This is easy to move the fetal gas and be unfavorable to pregnant women and babies.In fact, there is a certain scientific basis for this statement. After all, during pregnancy, if the pregnant woman is decorated or moved at home, it is easy to cause physical and psychological fatigue, which will affect the emotions of pregnant women.

I didn’t notice this. When I moved the bed, my mother saw it and scolded me.

2. Can’t tell others within three months after pregnancy

The ancients felt that pregnancy was sacred, and there was also a saying that the "fetal god" was the god attached to the soul of the fetus. Within 100 days of pregnancy, the fetal god was on the left and right fetuses.If you tell others about pregnancy early, the fetal god will be unhappy, which will cause harm to children and pregnant women.

I remember that when Sun Yanzi was pregnant, she was revealed by the media, but she did not respond. The news that she was announced until three months later. Although she lives in Singapore today, she still believes in this custom.This kind of statement will feel ridiculous, but think about it carefully. From a medical perspective, the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy of pregnant women is very unstable.

At that time, when his wife was pregnant, the elders at home also warned us that the two were not said outside, but also had to wait for 3 months to share the joy with friends.

3. Do not touch the pair during pregnancy

In ancient times, pregnant women were not allowed to touch the pair during pregnancy, because this would be unfavorable to the child and may have rabbit lips.This statement feels a bit ridiculous. What scientific basis does it have?

First of all, in ancient times, men and women were weaving. If they were not allowed to touch the pairs, pregnant women could not work, so that they could get a good rest.And after pregnant women are pregnant, the body function will change. Do not let the scissors be used for the safety of pregnant women.

My wife takes nail cutting every day, it should be okay!

4. Pregnant women cannot hold other children’s children

This rule is relatively common. Until many places, this custom is retained. The reason is that the children of other people’s homes during pregnancy can easily make their children cry, and the babies they have born in the future will cry.

Now the scientific explanation is that children are active. Once the pregnant woman holds the child, it is not fun to be kicked when they are kicked, and the child’s own weight is not light.There are not a few examples.This is more agreed. My nephew is more than one year old and does not let his wife hug him.

5. Pregnant women cannot nail

In the old days, it was not allowed to nail during pregnancy, because this would make the baby unsightly birthmark after birth.

From now on, nails and pregnant women only see that there is no connection. Pregnant women will also move their fetal gas when they participate in labor, so women try not to work during pregnancy, which is quite in line with scientific basis.

6. Pregnant women should avoid breaking the soil and opening up

When the house broke the soil, when the store opened, pregnant women also had to avoid.It is said that if the pregnant woman is present during the residence of the house, the blood will inevitably meet during the construction of this house. People who live in it will also have a bloody disaster.EssenceThese taboos are too superstitious and have no scientific basis.

7. Pregnant women cannot see other people to have children

In ancient times, pregnant women were not allowed to look at others’ children. It is said that it is difficult to produce in this way.

This statement sounds ridiculous, but if you think about it, from the perspective of psychology today, this sentence is indeed very reasonable. Pregnant women have a pain when they look at other children, and they will have some fear.When you have a child, you will inevitably increase your psychological burden.

8. Ancient men and women

Women hope that they can have a boy. If two pregnant women are sitting and sleeping together, they are worried that Xiyongxi will have doubts about changing tires, making pregnant women who originally give birth to girls.The room, because I was worried that the tiger would bite the fetus and let the pregnant woman have a miscarriage.

In ancient times, the taboos of pregnant women seemed to be superstitious today and had no scientific basis.

But to this day, the older generation still has various taboos for pregnant women.Although I also know that there is no scientific basis, many people still have the idea of "I am favorable to be favored and unbelievable." In order to make a good fortune, pregnant women will not be prohibited from doing something.

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