What are the symptoms of syphilis?Is it it itchy on your body?Can syphilis be cured?Early understand and benefit

Introduction: In today’s fast -paced society, syphilis is not uncommon. The private life that is not clean and chaotic may be the direct cause of syphilis. Syphilis is a sexual transmission disease, and the actual symptoms of syphilis are particularly complicated.

A syphilis has a nickname "universal imitator". Syphilis can "imitate" various diseases, such as skin diseases, syphilis can "imitate" more than 10 skin diseases, so it is easy to be misdiagnosed when syphilis occurs. When syphilis is in the bodyWhen showing, these symptoms may occur.


What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema Pallidum. Infected people usually spread bacteria through unclean private life, and can also spread through mothers and infants.

After the initial infection, the germs will reproduce in the body and spread to all parts of the whole body through the lymphatic vessels, blood and other channels, leading to various symptoms.

If it is not treated in time, it can affect multiple organ systems, such as heart, eyes, central nervous system, etc., leading to serious harm and even fatal.

Syphilis is divided into the original early stage, the secondary period and the chronic stage. The symptoms and signs of each stage are different. It can be controlled and cured through antibiotic therapy. The key to preventing syphilis is to use safety behavior, good hygiene habits, and timely medical treatment in time.To reduce the risk of infection.


The way of transmission of syphilis

The transmission of syphilis is performed through the body fluid of patients with syphilis. The main ways to propagate are the following:

1. Sexual communication: Unclean private life behavior will spread syphilis germs, and men and women can be infected.

2. Maternal and baby transmission: syphilis can be passed to the fetus through the in -uterus infected by the mother, causing congenital syphilis at birth.

3. Direct contact: Symatic liquid, blood, saliva, etc. of syphilis ulcers and sores can be spread directly to healthy people, such as sexual behavior, common items, etc.

4. Indirect contact infection: It is exposed to the items contaminated by the secretions of syphilis patients, such as personal clothing, bedding, towels, shaving knives, bathtubs, bath towels, toilets, etc., can also be used as infection media, but the probability is very low.

In addition to the above -mentioned main ways, syphilis may also invade the human body through skin and mucous membrane damage, puncture wounds, etc., but this form is extremely rare.


What are the symptoms of syphilis?Is it it itchy on your body?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. If syphilis bacteria are infected, different symptoms may occur at the following stages:

1. Primary hair: 2 to 4 weeks after infection, patients may have painless ulcers. The ulcers are often at the sexual intercourse organs, oral cavity, anus, etc., and ulcers generally heal itself.

2. Phase 2: After about 2 to 12 weeks, patients may have systemic symptoms such as rash, fever, muscle pain, and enlargement of lymph nodes, but these symptoms will disappear by themselves.

3. Lack of incubation period: If not treated, syphilis will enter the incubation period, and there may be no symptoms during this period.

4. Late stage: If there is still no treatment in the third phase, patients may experience damage to multiple systems such as nervous system, cardiovascular system, and skin, such as blurred vision, myocarditis, vasculitis, etc.And other issues.

It is important to emphasize that other symptoms may also occur during the disappearance of the symptoms of the latent period and the second phase, such as continuous headache, blurred vision, fever, joint pain, etc. These symptoms indicate that there may be the risk of late syphilis, and you should seek medical treatment early earlyEssence


Can syphilis be cured?Early understand and benefit

Syphilis is a cured disease, especially in the early days for effective treatment. If the human body responds well to penicillin antibiotics, syphilis can be completely cured.

However, if effective treatment is not taken in time, the symptoms may deteriorate and cause damage to the internal organs and nervous systems, thereby increasing the difficulty and complexity of the treatment, and may even eventually lead to death.

Therefore, if you suspect that you are infected with syphilis, you should seek medical treatment in time, and strictly treat the doctor’s advice. At the same time, you should pay enough attention. Do not despise this disease to ensure that syphilis is cured as soon as possible and avoid complications.


How to prevent syphilis?

The following is a way to prevent syphilis:

1. Keep good living habits and avoid bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking.

2. Avoid unsafe private living behaviors with people with syphilis, and use effective contraceptive measures such as condoms to help prevent syphilis.

3. Perform medical examinations regularly to detect diseases related to syphilis as soon as possible.

4. For pregnant women, comprehensive examination and treatment should be received before and during pregnancy to ensure the health of the fetus.

5. If you have a unsafe private life behavior and suspect that you may be infected with syphilis, please seek medical treatment and treatment in time.

In short, the key to preventing syphilis is to strengthen the understanding and attention of health and marriage life, while maintaining good living habits, avoiding unsafe private living behaviors, regular physical examinations, and escorting the health of themselves and others.

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