What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?In addition to obvious pregnancy vomiting, there is also the experience you know

My sister is really careless, I do n’t know if I am pregnant. If I have n’t had more experience, I have no spirit and yawn in the past few days. Let her hurry up and test it. I do n’t know when she will find herself to find herself.Be a mother.

In fact, there are a lot of novice mothers like her. When will the ovulation period, how long is the menstruation, and when they are pregnant, they are confused."Being pregnant?" They remembered that menstruation hadn’t come for a long time.

Indeed, it is really not so easy to get pregnant when you are pregnant, but your body will not deceive people. When you are pregnant, you will have some symptoms. It is also these symptoms that remind us of our baby to report.In your own body, the work and rest must be regular.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

The most obvious symptoms in the early pregnancy are pregnancy vomiting. When one morning, you feel a nausea. When you go to the toilet, you can’t spit out, so congratulations, 90%is pregnant.

This is also the case in the TV series, which shows that they all come from life.However, not every new mother will vomit, which is also related to physical fitness.

Like me, I have never been pregnant with two babies. I unknowingly waited until my appetite was increased and drowsiness was suspected of getting pregnant.And one of my friends will vomit all three, and when the first child, I vomit until the third trimester.

Why is it pregnant?

This is because after the embryo is bed, the level of progesterone and human chorionic gonad hormone levels in the pregnant mother rises rapidly, which reduces the secretion of gastric acid. After the gastrointestinal motility becomes slow, the pregnant mother is nauseous and disgusting.

What should I do?

If the mothers are more worried about the pregnancy, the greater the reaction of the pregnancy.

In fact, 90%of pregnant women will be available in pregnancy. Moms have to be lighter, and they will be relieved after three months.

Don’t be too reluctant to eat during pregnancy. Moms can eat a small amount, or prepare some snacks, such as soda cakes, sour radish, beef dried, etc. When you feel a little hungry in your stomach.

In addition to pregnancy, mothers may have these symptoms.

①D sleepy

This is affected by hormone changes. Moms will find that they become sleepy, especially afternoon, and they feel that they do not sleep enough every time they wake up.

②, frequent urine

The number of times to go to the toilet after pregnancy is inevitable, especially in the early and in the early pregnancy and the third trimester. This is caused by the increasing uterus of the bladder.Leave the pelvic cavity into the abdominal cavity, so no longer compress the bladder.

③, emotional low

When you are pregnant, although you are happy, you are also emotionally low. After all, you have to be a mother, but you may not be ready, so sometimes you will make a noise.

In fact, this cannot be blamed for mothers. This is that the changes in hormones have been magnified, and it can be stabilized after the middle of pregnancy.

One of my friends, the whole pregnancy is very strong, and she likes to burst into tears. Fortunately, her husband has a good temperament, often relieve her, and let her make a little temper to relieve the pressure during pregnancy.

Therefore, dads should be more considerate and more comfortable.

④ Taste changes

Some women will change a lot after pregnancy. I did n’t like to eat it before. I did n’t think about it after pregnancy. I loved it before and turned a blind eye after pregnancy.

The above symptoms are relatively obvious, and some hidden symptoms require mothers to observe carefully.

For example, the pregnant mother’s belly has some fluffy or black spots, which is caused by the rapid changes in progesterone levels, which will gradually disappear after the baby is born.After pregnancy, the secretions become more, because the level of progesterone and estrogen levels causes the cervical mouth to be congested, which increases the secretions. Moms should pay attention to cleaning.Some mothers will see that the small belly has changed. It was originally flat. It was slightly protruding around 12 weeks of pregnancy, but it was not obvious to wear loose clothes.At 8-16 weeks of pregnancy, a brown line appeared from the pubic bone to the abdomen. As the gestational week increased, this line would become more and more obvious, which was caused by imbalanced hormone secretion during pregnancy.

at last

After three months of pregnancy, mothers are going to the hospital to build a file for a birth checkup. The first birth checkup is more particular. Moms bring Bao Dad to let him actively participate in various activities during pregnancy. On the one hand, it can relieve pregnancy.Mom is nervous, on the one hand, it can promote future parent -child relationships

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