What are the strange dreams you have during pregnancy?Netizen: There is my own will in the underworld

Pregnancy and having a child are a lifetime event for a girl. After all, when a woman becomes the beginning of a woman becoming a mother, the child means that a woman has become a real mother.

Some mothers will have some strange dreams when they are pregnant, and it is likely that some scenes in the dream after giving birth will become reality. This is a very magical thing.

Today I saw a netizen on the Internet and asked such a question: What kind of strange dreams do you have done during pregnancy?

Many people talk about some experiences of themselves or people around them during pregnancy. Let us see what they say:

@小: I dreamed that a ray of dirty clothes ran into the house, smiling, muddy step by step, running to the bed was gone. Later, I was conceived in that bed and gave birth to my son.Sure enough, the dirty body was a tire shit, and he also loved to laugh!

@小 B: When I was pregnant with my husband, my husband was derailed. Everyone advised me to get rid of the divorce. I also thought of the idea of getting a fetus myself. As a result, I went to the hospital for several reasons.After a dream, a fleshy little guy stood by the bed and cried and said, "Mom, don’t don’t want me, I will be obedient in the future and will be filial to you.I woke up with tears.Then I resolutely gave birth to my little daughter.Sure enough, my little daughter is particularly good, and the meat is whispering. When I see someone, I laugh.I am really glad to give birth to this little guy!

@小: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that a grandfather was carrying a fat girl. The old grandfather told me that I carried the doll from Hunan. The doll parents died early.Give me, and then make sure that it is good for dolls.I woke up and knew that the grandfather in the dream was my grandfather who had died for many years, and Hunan was the hometown of my mother.My daughter is now 11 years old and has always been a little fat.

@小: Let me tell you my dream: My wife’s due date is January 28, and the post doctor changed to February 9th. My wife and I were very calm., About the evening of January 23 and 24, I dreamed, dreaming of the doll said "I came on February 6", I told my wife as soon as I woke up in the morning. Sure enough, there was no movement on January 28.On February 1st, my wife was hospitalized in advance because of the hypertension of pregnancy. Because of the hypertension, the doctor was worried about danger. From February 3rd, the wife was given an oxytic needle.However, after the doctor’s consultation on the morning of February 5th, the doctor broke the amniotic fluid and continued to conduct an oxytice needle. Finally, it was at noon.It wasn’t until 0 o’clock on February 6th that the baby could not explain it when it came out. My baby was honest and trustworthy. He never met us in advance. After one o’clock, he came, and now he is very healthy.

Many people say that their babies are destined to come to you. Sometimes the reason why he meets some strange things in his dreams is that he came to you to see you in advance.

how about you?Have you ever had any strange dreams when you were pregnant?

Welcome to leave a message to share and tell your story!

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