What are the precursors to accidental pregnancy?Three performances with the most obvious performance, girls with no fertility plan must understand

Among the young couples who have not intended to have children, if there is no correct contraceptive measures in daily life, it is easy to cause unexpected pregnancy.For some young girls who do not experience, they do n’t know what it will feel like a few days before pregnancy. In fact, it is a dangerous thing, so female friends need to know those symptoms of their bodies if they are pregnant.

What are the precursors to women’s accidental pregnancy

1. Men stop menstruation

Once female friends are pregnant, there will be many precursors, such as menopause whether they are pregnant or not. This is the most obvious symptom of pregnancy and a sign of pregnancy.Many female friends are judged based on this symptom. After pregnancy, their menstruation will not come.If you find that your menstruation has been postponed for a while and has not come, you can use test strips to test.

2. The increase in urination will increase

Of course, urination will increase.After pregnancy, the number of urination will increase suddenly.Because the uterus part will increase after pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, it will be more obvious.However, there are not many urination.There will be frequent urination in about two months of pregnancy. After the bladder is pressed, some female friends often feel bloating.After urination, such symptoms will be reduced.

3. Early pregnancy reaction

In addition, there will be some early pregnancy reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, general weakness, and even drowsiness.In the first few days of pregnancy, female friends’ bodies will feel very tired, and they feel soft every day, always gaming.If the pregnancy reaction is serious, the appetite will be lost.

How to avoid accidental pregnancy

1. contraception

The best way to prevent accidental pregnancy is contraception.Today, contraception is more and more valued by young people in my country, but even so, the situation of accidental pregnancy has not decreased.Experts point out that this has a lot to do with unscientific and wrong contraception methods.After investigation, the contraceptive methods used by most young people are in vitro ejaculation and safety contraception, which is the most unreliable of all contraceptive methods.Therefore, experts remind young people that it is best to use some scientific and effective contraceptive methods, such as oral contraceptives, contraceptives injections, uterine rings, uterine hats, women’s condoms, etc., which can help you accurately contraception.

2. Tissue contraception

If no contraceptive measures are taken during sexual intercourse, unexpected pregnancy is inevitable, but it is not irreparable.Experts point out that for young couples who often forget to take contraceptive measures, remedial measures can be taken in time afterwards, which can also effectively prevent accidental pregnancy.However, it should be noted that this remedy must be implemented in a timely manner.Finally, it is performed within 24 hours after the event.In other words, you must take emergency contraceptives within 24 hours after sexual intercourse, or wear a uterine ring within 5 days after sexual intercourse, which can reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy.

3. Personal constitution

But not all contraceptive methods are suitable for you. Many people are still difficult to escape the trap of "accidental pregnancy" even if they take the right contraception measures.Therefore, in order to better reduce the chance of pregnancy, the best way is to consult the doctor before choosing a contraceptive method. At the same time, you should also receive a physical examination. Then, under the guidance of the doctor, use the contraceptive method that is suitable for your physical condition and effect.Therefore, the purpose of contraception is better played.

Finally, it is reminded that women who are affected by factors such as diseases, fertility, and changes in living habits should pay more attention to regular physical examinations in daily life to determine whether to change contraceptive methods.

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