What are the performances of pregnancy?I do n’t know the “make -up lesson”, this is a must -have for each woman

Under what circumstances do you realize that you are pregnant?

Those who have not experienced pregnancy may not know about pregnancy.The general impression of pregnancy is that menstruation is not coming, it will vomit, and then it will be inconvenient to move.However, what small changes have the body in the early stage of pregnancy before the pregnancy test or go to the hospital for confirmation of pregnancy.

It is hard to imagine that under what circumstances can girls realize that she can realize her pregnancy.In fact, when these changes in the body, you may be reminding you that you may be pregnant.

1. The menstrual period has not arrived

For some women with regular menstrual periods, when will the menstrual period come on on time every month.Once the menstruation has not come, and accompanied by sexual behavior with no contraceptive measures before, there is a great chance that it is pregnant.

For some people with particular menstrual periods, the menstrual period may not come for several months. Therefore, in terms of these people, it is basically impossible to judge whether pregnancy is not determined in terms of menstrual delay issues.

2. The breasts develop again

Generally speaking, women’s breasts have developed in adolescence, and they have developed before and after the beginning of the menstrual period. By the end of adolescence, they will not develop anymore at the age of seventeen and eighteen.

However, in the early days of women’s pregnancy, breasts develop again. At this time, if women find that their nipples become larger, the color of the areola becomes deeper, the nipples will be significantly prominent, and some women will be female.At the same time, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as breast pain, itching and other symptoms, which is likely to be pregnant.

These are the special phenomenon of expectant mothers during pregnancy. Because of the influence of progesterone in the body, breasts will become more sensitive and produce a second development.

3. Change of the hip

Many expectant mothers will become particularly wide and thick during pregnancy. In fact, this is also affected by some progesterone. The stability on the bone disc will become worse than before pregnancy, and the hips are particularly easy to accumulate fat. In addition to affecting the hips, the hips will affect the hips.In addition to the beauty, it is easy to go upstairs in the expectant mother, get out of bed, and when you twist your body, you will obviously feel the pain of the bone plate.

4. Rise body temperature

Under normal circumstances, after women are pregnant, their body temperature will rise, and after the middle of pregnancy, the temperature will return to the original normal temperature state.

Women’s body temperature will rise after pregnancy, generally between 36.9 ° C-37.2 ° C.If this high temperature period lasts for more than 21 days and has no other abnormal response, it can generally be determined that it is a manifestation of pregnancy.

If the temperature is high and low, it should be highly valued, especially patients with habitual abortion should take measures in time.

5. Fatigue and sleepy

In the early stages of pregnancy, women’s hormone hormones are different, metabolism is accelerated, energy consumption in the body is getting slower and slower, blood sugar must not completely supply the body, so hypotension will occur.

So at this stage, many girls may not know that they are pregnant, but their bodies have reacted.

My sister was in the early days of pregnancy. She didn’t know that she was pregnant. She felt sleepy after work, and thought she was too tired to go to work.When I learned that my little life came, I knew it was because I was pregnant.

Therefore, when you are pregnant, your body is poor and weak. Do n’t force it to carry yourself. Maybe you are pregnant.

6. Pregnancy response

This is experienced by many pregnant women.

This phenomenon is often nausea and retching.And the sense of smell becomes particularly sensitive, and many people vomit when they smell the normal taste.And when eating, you can’t eat your appetite and can’t eat it.

Therefore, when there are these obvious pregnancy reactions, don’t escape, hurry up to check whether you are pregnant.

7. frequent urine

In the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus will increase. In this process, the bladder will be compressed and the urine is caused, but often the urine volume is not much.At this time, women should pay attention to whether they drink too much water. If not, think about whether they are pregnant.

When the fetus was originally unstable in the early pregnancy, it was early to discover that it could prevent it early, so as not to do something that hurt the fetus.

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