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There are many expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time when they are pregnant.

So today, let’s talk about what symptoms will be in the early stages of pregnancy?

First, menstruation stops

Menstruation stops this is the first representative characteristics of pregnancy. Of course, except for extraterritical pregnancy. For women with normal menstrual cycles, menstruation is basically pregnant if menstruation is delayed for more than a week.

If the menstrual cycle is usually not on time, it is necessary to combine these situations below. If these situations are in line, you can basically be determined to be pregnant.

Second, the body temperature rises

Everyone knows that the temperature will increase by 0.3-0.5 degrees after the girl ovulation. The body temperature will return to the normal state before menstruation. If you find that your body temperature has not dropped, and it is maintained for about eighteen days, it may be pregnancy.It’s right.

Third, the increase in leucorrhea

There will be a few days of leucorrhea before the normal menstrual period, but this situation will return to normal two days before the menstruation, but those who are pregnant will find that in the early stage of pregnancy, due to changes in progesterone in the body, the secretions become more, and the secretions will become more.Essence

Fourth, breast enlargement, pain, sensitive

This reason is also caused by changes in progesterone in the body. After pregnancy, it will obviously find that there will be raised little dots on the areolas, and the breasts will be sore and larger than usual, but because these symptoms are followed by menstruation before menstruationThe symptoms are very similar, so many people ignore it.

Fifth, abnormal appetite, abnormal taste

Once appetite, the food that I like to eat very much now will find that there is no appetite at all, and even feel very annoying.

Suddenly, I was interested in food I usually don’t like to eat and had appetite.And some people also like some strange smells, such as the humid smell in the rain and air just after the rain, as well as the moldy taste of the humid books that has been placed for a long time.

Sixth, nausea, vomiting

The earliest symptoms may be the nausea of the smell of oil fume, the oil placed in the meals or the nausea for fried food.If the reaction during pregnancy is early, there will be obvious symptoms of retching when I get up in the morning.

After seven weeks of pregnancy, there will be obvious nausea and nausea after seven weeks of pregnancy. This situation will last for two to three months, and then slowly return to normal.

Seventh, drowsiness and tiredness

After pregnancy, I will obviously find that the body is easy to get tired. Obviously, if you do n’t do anything, you will feel very tired. I always want to lie down and rest.Sleep enough.

Eighth, early pregnancy self -test is positive

In addition to going to the hospital for blood testing, early pregnancy should be the choice of many pregnant mothers, which are convenient and fast.It is best to use early pregnancy test strip to take morning urine test for about three to five minutes before reading the test results. If the result is positive, then pregnancy can be basically determined.

The above are the symptoms of most women in the early stages of pregnancy, and it does not rule out the differences in some physique. If you want to determine if you are pregnant, or if you want to know if your body is abnormal.Regular hospitals are checked to determine whether they are pregnant.

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