What are the omen in the early stages of pregnancy?

Hello everyone, I am a group mother

Do you remember how do you know that you are pregnant?

The group mother came to share her experience:

My husband and I have been pregnant for more than half a year. After a few cases in the middle, there have been no example for more than 6-7 days. One of them had not come to the vacation for 8 days.No, I tested it many times, but the mothers did not postpone so long before, and the normal situation may be 2-3 days in advance.

So the two did not accept the results of the test paper. When they came to the nearest hospital, the results were still not. It was strange, but there were blood test results from the hospital. We had to admit that it was fraud.(I want to tell you through this matter: In fact, as long as the test paper is correct, it is generally accurate. If you believe it, you can test a few more. After all, it is cheap, unless that brand is really water).

After several postponing, after confirming that he was not pregnant, the mothers were not so anxious to face the example. It became calm, but just as usual, if it was postponed, it would be tested as soon as possible in the morning.

Suddenly one day, a strange thing happened. You might not believe it. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, others would tell me, I would think of it!

I had a dream that morning, dreaming that I was cooking, and suddenly there was a child.

The dream is very short, but I can still remember this dream, test paper, wash, and eat breakfast.

When I was eating, I talked to my dad talked about my dream in the morning.The first reaction of the dad is: real or false!Then I immediately said today."(Because after several fake pregnancy, this time I really didn’t have a special heart)

Then the two rushed to the bathroom together and found two red bars of the gestational stick. The happiness and joy were brilliant on their faces.

At this time, the dad of the group came calmly: "Yesterday, I saw that the gestational stick was a little faintly a little bit. I was afraid that I would spend my eyes, and I didn’t say it."

Is this really the so -called fetal dream?Is it to send me information and tell me that she is here?

Sisters, how do you all find your pregnancy and have any interesting things happen!

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