What are the hazards of "intercourse" too early?How old is it better?Men and women should understand

Many cervical cancer are actually "doing"!

The 17 -year -old Xiaoli was born in a rural family. She is the only daughter of her family. Although her parents have financial constraints, she cares for her. She hopes that she can live a good life.

In junior high school, Xiaoli and a smart and attractive boy in the class became friends.Gradually, Xiaoli was attracted by Xiaowei and secretly fell in love with him.

One day, Xiaowei confessed to Xiaoli, and Xiaoli felt extremely happy and quickly accepted his confession.In order to let Xiaoli know herself better, Xiaoming talks about sexual knowledge from time to time.Xiao Li, who was curious, quickly had a sexual relationship with Xiaowei.Although she understood that this was not appropriate, she let go of her concern for the love of Xiaowei.

In this way, the two people often secretly secretly carried their private people with their families. Because the awareness of security was not in place, the two had never taken safety measures. After a room in the same room, Xiaoli vagina began to bleed.Out of cervical cancer.Under the doctor’s question, Xiao Li’s parents knew that her daughter and Xiaowei had a year of living in the same room.

According to a report released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission in 2015, the average age of first sexual behavior of adolescents has fallen to 15.9 years.This number may be incredible for many people, but it is undeniable that premature sexual life will have a burden on the body and increase the risk of cervical cancer.

Official data shows that compared to women over 21 years of age, women aged 17-20 years old will increase the risk of cervical cancer at the age of 17-20, and women under the age of 17 under the age of 17Increase to 2 times.

In addition to increasing the risk of cervical cancer, premature sex will face 4 hazards:

1. Early pregnancy risk increases

Premature sexual life may lead to inappropriate stimulation of immature ovaries, thereby increasing the risk of pregnancy.In addition, adolescents lack correct contraceptive knowledge, prone to accidental pregnancy, and bring a heavy burden on themselves and their families.

2. Prone to infectious transmission disease

Adolescent women’s immune systems have not yet fully developed, and their resistance is relatively weak, so it is more likely to infect various sexually transmitted diseases.For example, diseases such as syphilis and AIDS can cause serious health problems and affect women’s future fertility to a certain extent.

3. Affects uterine health

Premature sexual life may cause cervical injury or infection, which leads to problems such as pain and a lot of bleeding.If these problems are not treated in time, it may affect women’s reproductive health and cause problems such as infertility.

4. Increase psychological pressure

Adolescent women are at the stage of physical and psychological changes. When they start sexual life at an early age, they may feel psychological pressure and anxiety.In this case, they may think that they have lost their innocence and beautiful things, and even doubt their value, and cause obstacles in future interpersonal relationships.

Strictly speaking, sexual behavior before the age of 18 is premature.Usually young people’s body development is usually about 18 years old.Therefore, if you want to maintain good health, it is recommended to consider sex after the age of 18.Before trying sexual life, you need to fully understand the relevant knowledge, and pay attention to maintaining the hygiene of reproductive organs and learning contraceptive measures.

Many people who have not exposed to sex lack sexual knowledge, which has led to many accidental pregnancy.This causes great harm to the body, and it is recommended that you fully understand the knowledge of sex before doing sex.After 18 years of age, learn related knowledge and thoroughly understand the sexual life.If you have physical infections or women’s pregnancy, you must seek medical examination in time to avoid delaying time affecting your health.

Early sexual behavior is very dangerous for immature teenagers, which will directly affect their future health and happiness.Not only will it bring psychological distress, but it may also lead to a series of health problems, such as infectious diseases, minor early pregnancy, and so on.Therefore, how to avoid the harm of early sexual behavior is worthy of our serious thinking.Here are some effective methods:

1. Educate youth about sexual knowledge

Parents and schools should spend more time and energy to educate the knowledge of young people.In this way, they can better understand their physical changes and realize the harm of early sex.At the same time, they should also be informed of how to safely perform sexual behavior and the importance of using contraceptive tools.

2. Communicate the correct values to teenagers

Parents and teachers should actively instill the correct values to young people, such as respecting themselves and others, cherishing the body, and so on.These can make teenagers more aware of the harm of early sex, so as to better protect themselves.

3. Establish a good family relationship

Family is the basis for cultivating the correct values and health behaviors of teenagers.Parents should try to establish good communication and trust relationships with their children so that they can seek help from their parents when they face difficulties.

4. Provide valid psychological counseling and support

Young people need to get enough psychological support, which can help them better deal with their emotions and pressures.At the same time, professional psychological counseling can also make them more soberly recognize the harm of early sex and be vigilant.

In short, to avoid the harm of early sexual behavior, we need to participate in the whole society, including parents, teachers, schools, and so on.Only through various ways of education and guidance can young people realize the harm of early sexual behavior and form correct sexual concepts and values, so as to better protect their physical and mental health.

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