What are the dangers of obesity in pregnant women?Teach you 3 methods to control weight

During pregnancy, in order to meet the needs of the mother and fetus for nutrients, overeating will cause overeating and lead to exceeding the standard.It is normal for the weight to increase by 20 pounds throughout pregnancy, but if the weight exceeds the standard, it will have a certain impact on the health of the fetus and is not conducive to childbirth.

What harm can pregnant women’s obesity bring?

1. Easy to cause pregnancy disease

Too obesity during pregnancy can induce various pregnancy diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and thrombosis during pregnancy.During childbirth, uterine fatigue, postpartum bleeding, premature placental peeling or tearing of the perineum, and damage to the soft lane threatened maternal and baby health.

2. It is easy to cause children to obese

If you take too much high -fat food during pregnancy, it will cause body obesity, and the fetus is prone to obese or too much when the fetus grows.In addition, the heavy weight of pregnant women will make the action bulky.Blind supplementation in the later stages of pregnancy, still not weight loss within a few years after giving birth, is not conducive to postpartum body recovery.

3. Affect delivery

Pregnant women who are obese may be large, increasing the chance of dystocia or intrauterine distress in the fetus during childbirth.The fetus is too large when giving birth, and it will cause dystocia, deflation and vagina to tear in vaginal delivery.Even if the cesarean section is adopted, obese pregnant women hinder surgical vision due to abdominal wall fat filling.

What to do with obesity of pregnant women?

1. Control your diet

If the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, you need to control the amount of feeding. The meal is quantitative for three meals a day. There is no need to add additional meals. Each meal is only full of full.If you feel hungry, you can eat nuts or fruits to relieve hunger.During pregnancy, you cannot diet blindly or use weight loss pills to avoid affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Eat less dinner

Pregnant women should ensure that breakfast and dinner are rich, dinner is mainly light and soft, and can not eat foods that are too salty, sweet or too greasy, and eat seven minutes of dinner. You cannot eat any food within three hours before going to bed, so as not to increase the gastrointestinal and intestine.The burden of the road affects the quality of sleep.

3. Keep moderate exercise

Obesity during pregnancy is generally related to lack of exercise and excess nutrition.It can reduce weight by exercise and dietary methods, and take 30 minutes of exercise every day, such as walking or practice yoga, and the body does not feel tired.

Kind tips

Pregnant women’s obesity causes a variety of diseases, and premature or huge children are prone to occur.After waking up every morning, insist on weighing weight. If the weight increases by more than one pound within a week, this shows that it is overweight. You need to adjust your diet and activities appropriately to avoid getting the weight too fast.In addition, pregnant women should develop good living habits, eat as little snacks as much as possible, choose low -calorie fruits as snacks, and try not to eat fried fries, candy or melon seeds.Try to choose vegetable oils such as peanuts, rapeseed oil or olive oil as much as possible, eat more bean corn as a staple food, and eat less white noodles or fine rice.

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