What are the common damage of non -ejaculatory disease

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Many male friends in life do not do a good job of prevention, and there will be diseases such as non -ejaculation disease. The incidence of this disease is also increasing, but many male friends are harmful to the disease of non -ejaculation disease.All are lacking, so what harm does not ejaculation cause?

I. Affect emotion: If non -ejaculation is not fully completed, it will cause a lot of pressure on men and affect emotions.It is easy to cause neurasthenia such as dreams, habitual insomnia, memory loss, and mental weakness.

Second, lead to nocturnal emission: non -ejaculation can cause nocturnal emission, and it will cause premature ejaculation in the long run, affecting male sexual function.Suddenly interrupted, forbearing sperm does not shoot, it is easy to cause excessive semen to discharge, and the sexual organs are still congested for a long time. Therefore, sexual dreams are easily occurred in sleep, and frequent nocturnal emission occurs.

Third, cause reproductive infection: non -ejaculation will cause seminal vesicles to expand, and long -term will cause reproductive organs infection.Such as hemogenesis, sterile prostatitis.What are the consequences of suffering from non -ejaculation?

1. Causes prostatitis.The method of interrupt life to control ejaculation will be extended by the congestion state of the sexual organs, and the prostate will also have a long period of congestion and expansion, and it can induce sterile prostatitis for a long time.

2. Can not get sexual satisfaction.The phenomenon of ejaculation will only occur after the male climax is reached, which also means that it has achieved sexual satisfaction. If you endure the ejaculation, you will lose the fun of sexual life, so that both the husband and wife will not get sexual satisfaction.

3. Cause infertility.No ejaculation is the main cause of male infertility.Men’s semen cannot reach women smoothly, so insemination and pregnancy cannot be mentioned.This is the harm of non -ejaculation.

4, complications.Always endure non -ejaculation leading to a series of complications; such as ejaculation abnormalities, blood essence, etc.

5. Cause impotence.It ended in advance that the central nervous system and various organs have not been lifted before the normally ejaculation. At this time, the excitement of the central nervous system and various organs cannot be lifted for a while, resulting in excessive fatigue due to the duration of excitement.Cause impotence.

It can be seen that the damage caused by non -ejaculation disease to everyone is more serious, which will not only lead to prostatitis, but also cause infertility symptoms. Everyone must be paid attention to in life.Take formal treatment measures to avoid the above hazards.

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