What are the common contraceptive methods abroad?Have you recruited those common contraceptive misunderstandings?

The two days ago, my friend complained with me and said that he almost divorced his husband. He asked the reason that the two had different differences because of contraception.

Three months ago, my friend was pregnant unexpectedly, but friends had a child and a daughter. There were car loan mortgages in the family, coupled with children’s education, and pension, etc., the family burden was heavy, and the child was disappeared.This makes friends feel very heartache, sigh for life helplessness, and a wiping for the disappearing little life.

Although my friends had contraception before, they were still pregnant. In order not to get pregnant, friends asked their husbands to ligate, but the friend and husband were unwilling to think that ligation will affect the function of men.ring.

However, friends believe that women’s ligation or upper ring hurts the body, and male ligation is very small. The two argued about this issue.In the anger, my friend said that if my husband was divorced without ligation, he later complained with me and asked me about related matters.

It is very common like my friend. Unexpected pregnancy and abortion have brought not only physical harm, but also to face a problem- "contraception".

Data show that the overall contraception power of foreign countries is higher than domestic. What is the difference?Let’s talk in detail today.

Affected by various factors such as religion, law, culture, and belief at home and abroad, not only has differences in diet and living habits, but also different in contraception, but also the mainstream contraceptive methods of various countries are also different.

First of all, let’s take a look at how Japan is also in Asia how to contracence.Japan’s contraceptive methods are mainly wearing sets.In a variety of contraceptive methods, the most popular in Japan is wearing condoms, which are related to Japanese regional culture and concepts.Japan’s rubber industry is very developed, and it also has a complete production and sales system in related manufacturing. The condom is one of them.

And the Japanese believe that the contraceptive contraceptive is effective, and it is also clean and hygienic, which can prevent the spread of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.Therefore, wearing a set of contraception has become the most common way of contraception in the Japanese.

As a large population, India mainly relies on the period of women’s safety to contraception.India’s female status is low. Once you are pregnant, you will choose to give birth, and rarely contraception. This has created India’s lack of contraception.

For very few people who want to contraception, it is also relying on the confession of women’s safety to contraception. The failure rate is high. This phenomenon is caused by the influence of social ideology. It is not difficult to understand that India becomes a big country.

Israel uses contraceptive needles contraception.Everyone may be unfamiliar with this contraceptive method. The contraceptive needle is to achieve the purpose of contraception by suppressing women’s ovulation function and changing the growth of the uterine environment to obstruct the growth of fertilized eggs.

Once a woman is injected with contraceptive needles, it is almost impossible to get pregnant, and the contraceptive effect is excellent, but if it is used for a long time, it will induce uterine diseases.Israeli has a small land area and its population growth is fast. In order to delay population growth, women will mostly allow women to contraception.

Most of the Britain, as a developed country in Europe, relies on taking short -acting contraceptives.There are two types of contraceptive pills. In the UK, people usually choose short -acting contraceptives to contraception.This is because long -acting contraceptives have many side effects and have greater physical damage to women, which may lead to infertility, and short -acting contraceptives will usually be metabolized within two days. The contraceptive effect is good.Essence

The ligation in the United States, Australia and other places is the main contraceptive method, and most of them are male ligation. It is to cut off the male vapor tubes and prevent sperm from discharging sperm to contraception.In the United States and Australia, people generally believe that ligation is the best way to contraception, but it is more harmful to women and small damage to men. Therefore, doctors generally recommend that men ligate contraception.

Many people say that these contraceptive methods are common in my country, it ’s not different, but is it really that?

In our country, it is wearing suits, eating contraceptives, ligation, and upper ring. Among them, male ligation can be said to have once and for all contraceptive methods, and it has strong reversibility.However, this situation is rare in my country. The reason is that the size of the contraceptive liability undertaken by men and women is different.

Some time ago, a news exploded the network, that is, the United States banned abortion. The incident caused a stir in the local area.It is said that during that time, the pharmacies did not sell contraceptives, and many men’s groups were ligated.

Men ligating in the United States is a common method of contraception. Based on this incident, to a certain extent, the government and the public’s attitude towards fertility and contraception, especially in contraception, must also take responsibility for men.

In many Western countries, there will be related sexual education, and the law will also force their father to take care of the support obligations. In the religious beliefs, it is believed that abortion is a felony. In addition, many countries are rare, and the government encourages fertility.Welfare subsidies and various factors have created people’s attention to contraception and the popularization of related knowledge.

In China, the ligation rate of women in my country is 30.5%, the upper ring rate is 44.2%, while the male ligation rate is only 4.7%, and only 9%of the condoms are used.From this data, it is not difficult to see that women are responsible for contraception.

It is mainly affected by the traditional concept of literary concepts. It cannot be said to be "sexual changes" in our country, but it is also ashamed to enlighten teeth. It is relatively lacking in sex education. Many men and women have insufficient awareness of contraception.Many men think that ligation can affect sexual function, wearing suits and uncomfortable. Only by choosing external ejaculation, making women taking medicine or going to the ring, it can create contraceptive differences today.

However, in fact, men ligates are simple and safe, and have no effect on sexual life. If you want to get pregnant, you can re -turn on the viaing pipe, which is far more safe and effective than women ligated.

Many couples in life have obviously adopted contraception, but they are still pregnant. Where is the problem?This has to mention many wrong contraceptive methods.

According to data, the number of artificial abortion each year in my country can reach more than 10 million, of which nearly 48%are unprecedented women under 24 years old, and the mortality rate of surgery complications is also 1%. Many of them are caused by contraception failure Strictly speaking, there is insufficient awareness of contraception.

(1) Endogenic ejaculation

In order to pursue stimuli, many people choose to ejaculate to contraception. They think that shooting semen into the in vitro sperm will not enter the uterus, and women will not get pregnant, but in fact this is not safe.Men may also have sperm in the body fluid excreted before ejaculation, which can also make women pregnant. This contraceptive failure rate is very high and it is not advisable.

(2) Safety stage contraception

This method of contraception is also very common. Many people think that women will not ovulate during a safe period and naturally do not get pregnant.But in fact, the safety period of women is only a calculation method. The actual ovulation time varies from person to person. Everyone’s ovulation time every month is not necessarily safe.

(3) Wear before ejaculation

Many men do not like to wear a suit in order to pursue their feelings, but for contraception, they will choose to wear a suit before ejaculation. This is the same as the in vitro ejaculation. There may be sperm discharge in the body fluid discharged in the middle, which can make women pregnant.Therefore, if you want to be truly contraceptive, it is best to wear a sleeve all the way. Of course, you must ensure that the sleeve is not damaged.

(4) Take a bath and contraception after the same room

Some people think that women quickly take a bath after the same room, and wash it to take contraception. This is also a completely wrong cognition.It was only the liquid outside, and the sperm flowing into the uterus could not be washed away. This is the most unreliable way in contraception.

The above contraceptive methods are very common in life, but it is not a good way of contraception. It is necessary to correctly understand, so as not to bring unnecessary impact on both men and women.

We mentioned earlier that the abortion rate in my country is very high, and even many of them are young girls. They think that the flow of people is just a small operation. Like a cold, disagree. Essence

If you notice a lot of toilets, small advertisements on the streets, what a few minutes of painless people, small damage, just see, you need to know that the flow of people itself is an operation, a part of the body’s peeling, to womenIt is a kind of damage. Repeated flow is repeated harm to the body.

Repeated abortion will lead to infertility.No matter how small surgery is, it is also surgery, which will hurt a certain amount of harm. The flow of people’s flow may cause infertility. Repeated abortion will make the endometrium thinner. The infertility rate will increase significantly.The probability can reach 92%

Secondly, a variety of complications are triggered.The surgery itself has the risk of infection. Repeated abortion will reduce the resistance of the human body. If improper care, it is likely to cause germ invasion, cause infection, and cause gynecological diseases such as endometritis, cervicitis, adhesion, etc., which seriously affects women’s health.

Moreover, abortion can cause great danger during pregnancy.After the abortion, the body needs to rest for a long time to get pregnant. If you are pregnant in a short period of time or after multiple abortion, you have a high abortion rate in the third trimester, and the fetus will also be premature.Maternal and infants are extremely harmful.

The most important thing is the harm to women’s psychology.Except for physical damage, the harm of people’s psychology cannot be measured, especially for those unmarried women can be said to be a disaster. In addition to the fear of the surgery itself, it is more uneasy to the future.

I once watched a news that the girl was forced to remove the uterus after many abortion of her boyfriend. The boyfriend broke up with herself. The girl was depressed. This damage could not be estimated to the girl.Therefore, girls must cherish herself and protect themselves.

In the process of continuous development of society, people’s views on sex are gradually open, but the awareness of contraception and contraceptive methods must be improved. Otherwise, accidental pregnancy and abortion are irresponsible to both men and women, and it is even more.The blasphemy of life, therefore, both men and women should take contraceptive measures to avoid accidental pregnancy, and wearing a sleeve throughout the process is a good choice.


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