What are the changes in breasts after pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother is changing quietly.In addition to the most obvious uterus, the breasts are also changing quietly, preparing for postpartum breastfeeding.

What are the changes in breasts during pregnancy?

Breast enlargement

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s breasts will develop secondary and gradually increase, which is conducive to the nipples when they eat milk after childbirth, making the nipples not easy to slide out.This is one of the normal physiological changes during pregnancy.Breast enlargement is not only increased fat tissue, but also the breasts are developing at the same time.

Doctor Huang has something to say: During the pregnancy, the bray cup should be loose, slightly larger, and given enough room for development.

Increasing breasts also increased the pressure of Cooper’s ligaments and skin stretching. During the normal walking activities, the load of the breast increased.It is easy to cause the breast to relax and sag, so it is important to choose a bra with good support during pregnancy.

Nipple change

The nipples during pregnancy will also change greatly.The nipple becomes sensitive, the nipples are enlarged, darkened, and easy to erection. The areola areas will gradually become larger and dark. The sebal gland hypertrophy on the areola gradually forms a small bulge scattered, called the Mongolian nodule.After delivery, the color gradually faded.

Doctor Huang has something to say: The change of the nipple is also for childbirth. The baby can better find the mother’s breast nipples, and the changes made by the nipples smoothly.

Gaming during pregnancy

Affected by various hormones during pregnancy, during the late pregnancy, especially near delivery, a few drops of thin yellow liquid overflow when squeezing the breast. This is colostrum.

Doctor Huang has something to say: there is a colostrum without childbirth. It is normal. It is recommended that pregnant mothers do not deliberately squeeze and stimulate the nipples, so as not to cause contractions.You only need to pay attention to cleaning, and wipe the overflowing lotion.

Breast itching

After pregnancy, the nipples increase, the skin is stretched, and the blood flow of breasts and nipples increases, causing itching nipples.

Doctor Huang has something to say: Do not scratch the pregnant mother repeatedly. This will not only stop itching, but also cause contractions.It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose soft fabrics and loose bras, and use mild bath solution. After taking a bath, you can choose the emulsion of natural vegetable oil to apply it to reduce the itching of the nipples.

The physiological changes of breasts during pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not need to pay too much attention. Generally, after childbirth and breastfeeding, they will return to normal.Pay attention to the cleaning of the breast in normal life. It is not recommended to use soap, alcohol, etc. too much cleaning, which can easily dry the nipples and cracks damage.


When it comes to breastfeeding, we can often hear such remarks: my breasts are small, and we must have less milk in the future. What should I do?

This is not the case. The size of the breast is just related to the amount of fat.The secretion of milk is related to many factors. As long as the breasts are developing normally, the baby will suck in diligently after delivery. The pregnant mother will rest more, keep the mood happy, and adjust the body. The amount of breast milk must not be less.

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