What are the causes of stomach pain in pregnant women?What should I do if I have stomach pain during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women eat the sea after pregnancy, and the family will be very concerned about the development of the fetus. They often supplements all kinds of tonic. In addition to leading to pregnant women’s body obesity, eating too much food or inappropriate foods will cause physical discomfort. Among themStomach pain is the most common symptom.In addition, after pregnancy, the fetus is gradually developing, and the body organs of pregnant women will be squeezed by the uterus, and sometimes they will feel stomach pain. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

What are the causes of stomach pain in pregnant women?

1. After pregnancy, the fetus is developing every day, and it will become larger and larger over time. Therefore, the uterus will compress the stomach of the pregnant woman, and it will also have a certain degree of impact on other body organs.Very prone to short -term symptoms, these are the specific manifestations of the uterus being oppressed.

2. Eating many types of food during pregnancy. If the pregnant woman itself is not suitable for food or cold, it will cause stomach discomfort. Special preparation is a pregnant woman with weak gastrointestinal function. It is easy to cause stomach pain due to improper diet.Or pregnant women change after pregnancy, and they like to eat spicy or acidic foods. This will also happen.

3. During pregnancy, a large amount of tonic can cause stomach pain, because the diet is not controlled, and the stomach pain caused by indigestion is more common.Furthermore, after pregnancy, pregnant women lack physical exercise, often recuperate at home. After the digestive ability is reduced, stomach discomfort will occur. If the diet is not controlled during this time, the burden on the stomach is very large.

What should I do if I have stomach pain during pregnancy?

1. If it is a stomach pain caused by hunger, you need to eat in time.When you feel hungry, you can add energy to meet the needs of the mother and the healthy development of the fetus. You can eat some soft foods, alleviate the stomach discomfort caused by hunger, and keep the stomach relax.

2. You feel stomach pain during pregnancy. You can try massage to relieve it. Massage in Zusanli or Guannen acupoints has a good relief effect on symptoms of gastric pain.However, it is best to do what the reason is that massage can only be temporarily relieved, and the purpose of treatment cannot be achieved.

Of course, there are different treatment methods for different stomach pain during pregnancy.If it is the impact of the diet, you need to adjust the diet structure in time, and some foods that cause damage to the stomach cannot be eaten.Stomach pain caused by stomach cold can drink more hot water to help patients, as long as the stomach keeps warm and the pain will be reduced.

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