What are the benefits of eating folic acid?When is folic acid tablets the best?Is it late to eat folic acid?

Many mothers will have this problem:

I found that I am pregnant, and now I am going to start eating folic acid?

3 months during pregnancy, do I still need to continue to eat folic acid?

If you start to replenish folic acid from the discovery of pregnancy, you can only be regarded as "the dead sheep replenish".Regarding how long and how to supplement, today’s article will talk about it in detail.

Folic acid is one of the vitamin B complex. Similar to the butterfly glutamine, folic acid is a vitamin B widely existed in green vegetables and is water -soluble vitamin.The earliest was extracted from plant leaves, so it was called "folic acid".

Folic acid, strictly speaking, is called vitamin B9, and promotes the production and maturity of red blood cells with vitamin B12. It is an essential substance in the growth and division of cells in the human body.The prevention of folic acid on neural tube deformity.

Now we collectively refer to folic acid tablets, folic acid supplements, synthetic folic acid, etc. as folic acid.Folic acid is in a variety of foods.Such as animal liver, green leafy vegetables, beans, and so on.Moms can have multiple choices when supplement folic acid, which can be selected according to their own situation.

1. Most of the malnutrition people lack folic acid in their bodies.

2. Do not fully absorb it, such as patients with adverse signs, or patients with stomach resection.

3. Increased demand, such as pregnancy, dialysis.

4. Drug interference.In one way, metabolism is performed and used to treat cancer drugs, such as methotrexate and 5-fluoropromy, which may lead to the result of lack of functional folic acid.

In general, in addition to preventing birth defects such as neural tube malformations, it can also reduce the chance of natural abortion, reduce pregnancy reactions, and promote the growth rate of the fetus.Of course, eating folic acid is not just a woman who can eat it. As the other half that is about to reproduce the offspring, the nutrition of the father is also crucial to the child’s future health.

Men often have bad habits of smoking and drinking. These bad habits not only harm the body, but also cause many loss of nutrients.In addition, many men eat less vegetables and fruits in diet. They prefer fishy. Partial eclipse can adversely affect the body, which will affect fetal development.Although the fetus is pregnant in the mother, the baby’s health depends to a large extent on the quality of the fertilized eggs.Therefore, it is necessary for men to eat folic acid before pregnancy.

Folic acid needs to be supplemented during pregnancy or early pregnancy, early pregnancy, and third trimester.

During pregnancy, the supplementation of folic acid is mainly to adjust the state of the body’s lack of folic acid.Experiments have also proved that the human body will take at least one month to adjust in the case of supplementing folic acid.

In the early three months of pregnancy, the first three months of pregnancy, this is the critical period of fetal growth and development and placenta. At this time, folic acid is supplemented to prevent fetal malformations, fetal nerve tube development defects, and natural abortion caused by red blood cells.Essence

In the second trimester, in addition to the development of the fetus and placenta, the mother also needs to increase the blood capacity to provide the fetus with oxygen and nutrients. At this time, the demand for folic acid will greatly increase.At this time, folic acid is supplemented to prevent premature birth, delayed development, and premature peeling of placenta and pregnancy hypertension syndrome that pregnant women may occur.

From the first three months of pregnancy to pregnancy, it is safe to supplement 0.4 mg folic acid every day. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, due to the increased demand for folic acid and vitamins in the fetus, composite vitamin can be added at this time.0.8mg.And 5mg folic acid is generally used for treatment, so it cannot be taken without authorization.

Although folic acid is good, it is side -by -effect to take folic acid.For example, the absorption of mother zinc caused abnormal intellectual development of the fetus, covering up the lack of abnormalities in fetal development, nausea and vomiting, and so on.

Finally, we remind women and expectant mothers with a pregnancy plan. We should scientifically supplement folic acid, and do not hear that we should take the correct guidance of the doctor to reduce the risk of birth defects in the baby.

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