What are the attention of the Dragon Boat Festival?Why can’t I insert an Ai leaf at home?

Guide: Dragon Boat Festival is inserted with Ai Ye "Inserting it early and not short, and the long -term is not short!"Women who are pregnant cannot be inserted at home, keep this in mind!The main reason, please read …

The Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, three days of holidays, let people go home for a reunion Dragon Boat Festival.The most important activity of the Dragon Boat Festival is Bao Zongzi, inserting Ai leaf, 菖 菖, watching dragon boat race, drinking male rice wine, sprinkler, and so on.

The Dragon Boat Festival is Qu Yuan, a great poet in commemorating history. He is not satisfied with the chaos of the DPRK to show his patriotic and sober mind. The world is drunk and wakes up alone.This day is the fifth day of the lunar calendar.

In order to commemorate Qu Yuan’s patriotic spirit and prevent Qu Yuan’s body from being eaten by the fish, they sprinkled rice from the Miluo River.Later, at the fifth day of the fifth day of the lunar calendar, people wrapped rice in the reed leaves to commemorate Qu Yuan, so that the gradually dumplings became a food.

Nowadays, rice dumplings have become an important food in my country, with diverse varieties of north -south rice dumplings.In particular, there are meat foods in the southern rice dumplings. For example, pork is wrapped in rice dumplings, which is very sweet and is welcomed by consumers in the south.

There is another custom in the Dragon Boat Festival, which is to insert Ai leaf and puppets on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival.On the fifth day of the fifth day of the ancient lunar calendar, it was called the Hygiene Festival. On this day, some pests were cleaned to eliminate some pests and disease prevention.This shows that Ai Ye and Pu have a certain medical effect.

It is said that in the end of the Tang Dynasty, the war general Huang Chao was a tiger, fighting mighty, and he was invincible.

When Huang Chao attacked the south, he often encountered many escape refugees on the road.One day, Huang Chao met a big sister, carrying a middle -aged man on his back, holding a faltering child in his hand.

Huang Chao asks: Who is the man with his back?Who is the child?

The escape big sister said: I was carrying my uncle on my back, and my child was led by my child.

Huang Chao puzzled: Why not carry children and help the uncle?

Dasao said: Uncle Xiao is not good, his in -laws have been scattered, and the uncle must be protected, so that his in -laws will not be sad.If the uncle was killed by Huang Chao, his in -laws would not have a son.If my son is dead and you are young, you can still regenerate.

At that time, Dasao didn’t know that the general was Huang Chao.Huang Chao was moved by this big sister, thinking that she was filial, and in this war era, she still thought about her in -laws. It was very filial and valuable.

At that time, it was the turn of spring and summer. Huang Chao saw the lush wormwood and puppets on the roadside, so he agreed with the elder sister: Go home and hang on the gate of moxa leaves and puppets, and go down to the head.One calamity.

After Huang Chao left, Dasao told the fleeing refugees along the way that the leaves and puppets were hung on the door of the house to avoid the disaster of this war.The ten passed the ten passes. At that time, in the area of Dasao’s house, all the households were hung on the leaves and puppets.

On the second day of Huang Chao, it was the fifth day of the lunar calendar. Huang Chao saw the soldiers seeing that every family hung Ai leaves and 菖 菖, and he did not kill innocence.

After all, the general said that the ninetees said, and it was difficult for the horse to chase.Especially in the past, people attach great importance to reputation and righteousness, and pay attention to integrity.

Both 菖 and Ai leaves contain strong aroma oil, especially in the mature season in the lunar calendar in May. The content of aroma oil is very high.

The Dragon Boat Festival of the lunar calendar is the turn of spring and summer. The temperature of the weather suddenly rises and the humidity continues to increase.In particular, 5 poisonous insects such as snakes, crickets, and scorpions kept climbing to the villagers’ homes.

This season, farmers hang around the door or window of the house, hanging with wormwood leaves and 菖 菖. The strong special grass fragrance can force these insects and eliminate bacterial viruses.

There is another legend inserted with Ai leaves, 菖 另.That is, the wormwood leaves are like a tiger shape, and the pupae leaves are like arrows, so they are also called swordpu.Hanging Ai Ye and 挂 把 outside the door is equivalent to the civil and military generals guarding the door.

"Hanging long and not short": It means that the inserted wormwood leaves and puppets need to be inserted.Herbal grass is generally growing in rural fields, and 菖 usually grows in the west of the water.

For these two grass plants, they grow very thick and tall, and the aroma is very strong.If there is no appropriate dung water, they are thinner and short, so the taste is not particularly strong.Therefore, every family chooses the rough and long wormwood leaves and puppets.It also implies the family. For a long time in the future, it will be better and better.

"Insert early and do not insert night": It means that when inserting Ai leaves and 菖 菖, try to insert some early.Modils in rural areas are generally harvested home when the chickens are not sounding, that is, the wormwood is harvested home before the sky is not bright. There is also dew on it. At this time

The latest time of inserting Ai leaves cannot exceed 12 noon.At this time, the sun was almost shining directly to the door, and the cut Ai leaves had been lost by the sun.Generally, you should choose long plants, and it is best to leave the roots at the top.

The golden time of real wormwood in rural areas is a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival or the day of the Dragon Boat Festival.Once the Dragon Boat Festival has passed, the picking effect of wormwood leaves has decreased significantly.The legend is very novel, but I have to believe it.

I remember that in the 1980s, because the family was poor, I couldn’t afford an article at all. My grandma went to the wild to harvest wormwood in the wild in a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, and then put the wormwood at home and dried it.

The drying wormwood is made into a braid -like shape. Once it is hot to the evening, it will ignite the bottom of the wormwood in the house, and the wormwood will slowly emerge from the fragrant smoke. Mosquito and flies will smell it.The aroma of wormwood runs away, which can really have a very good effect.

There are thousands of Ai at home, and the disease is not used.This also illustrates the thick smell of wormwood, at least it has the effect of dispersing and killing some pests and insect pests.

The outer liquid has the effect of warming blood and hemostasis, which is to promote blood circulation.For pregnant women, the family cannot be inserted at home, and it is best not to smell the aroma of Ai leaves because it can promote blood circulation.Ai leaves also have an effect, which is called slippery tire.Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant women in the family insert Ai Ye.This is the main reason why pregnant women cannot insert Ai leaves. Be sure to remember.

There are some fluff on the surface of the moxa. If it is inserted in the house, it will be dry for a long time, which will cause the fluffy to fly around.For children who are not full, these fluffs will stimulate the child’s fresh small skin and cause discomfort, so do not insert wormwood for families who are not full of the moon.

Written in the end: The Dragon Boat Festival has a long history in my country, and it is also an important festival in which my country commemorates Patriotic poet Qu Yuan.This is a patriotic day and an ancient hygiene festival.We must not forget the tradition of the ancestors.

The Dragon Boat Festival has become a major festival in my country, and my country has also listed the Dragon Boat Festival as one of the holidays.There are many traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival, so everyone must reunite the moment by Dragon Boat Festival.This is a very patriotic festival.

Today is the Dragon Boat Festival. Have you eaten rice dumplings?Did you insert an Ai leaf and a puppet on your door?Here we have the custom of "Qingming insertion willow, plugging in Ai Dragon Boat Festival".Do you have this custom there?Finally, I wish you all the Dragon Boat Festival savoryly!”21 Graphic Pickup Challenge”””

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