What about those girls who are pregnant in high school now?The client: regret

Everyone understands the principles of "opposite sex, same sex", especially during the rebellious stage that it is the beginning of the youth enlightenment of men and women. Therefore, in the aspects of early love, they will be opposed by family members, teachers, and friends from surrounding friends.Don’t understand.But girls should pay attention, and the rejection of the strong point of the boys they don’t like is more wise than the acceptable approach.

Boys and girls have different attitudes about early love.Because boys’ enlightenment is a few years later than girls, and to make their son mature from behavior and thought, mothers are supported.But girls are not the same. Girls are delicate and emotional. They are also women. Moms must not want their daughters to travel at this muddy water. Therefore, Xiaobian reminds all girls here.Blame your parents and think in other places.Of course, parents should also guide their children not to use their so -called "good" to "stifle" the child’s approach.Children without mistakes are difficult to grow.

"Toilet Products"

Some things were found in the Internet that it actually happened to us. During the college entrance examination in 2018, while the college entrance examination candidates were busy reviewing and reviewing them. At the same time, one year of high school girls gave birth to the toilet and discarded the children to the toilet.This kind of behavior at the time was frightened and creepy, and the story similar to the TV plot would not happen to us.But now on the Internet, just checking the "minor childbirth" can no longer be our shocking attention.When such a thing happens, the keyboard man and the spearhead will point to the girl "Can girls do not love so much?", "I don’t know XX girls may be difficult to marry in the future!", "How can girls do it so …",What a terrible and dazzling evaluation!Yes, whether it is abortion or abortion, once this happens, your "boyfriend" escapes the responsibility, and there are more and more different visions around you.In fact, Xiaobian wants to say here that every girl has the right to love or be loved, but it is dedicated to whether you have the ability to solve the problem and whether you have a sense of responsibility for your future.No one wants to happen in this kind of thing, especially parents are the most unwilling to see. They often hurt girls, but they often have the greatest responsibility, but the most introspective is boys.

"Minor abortion"

"Minorly fetuses girlfriends are like pregnant, and their stomachs are as big as two palms. Now I want to go to the hospital to fight the child but I don’t know how much money. The main thing is that I and he are 17 years old.Can adults go to abortion? How many thousands of money can be found? It is better to kick abortion. Otherwise, the family knows to be killed. "This is the result of searching on the Internet. How terrible is the harm of early love?IntersectionNot to mention how much the cost of minor abortion is, of course, better hospitals are better, but the harm to girls, whether it is psychologically or thoughtful, and the three views will be paranoid.

Therefore, mothers do not let their children fall in love early. It makes sense. When we are all mature and stable, we can bear the ability to solve these problems, and then feel the beauty of love.

Xiaobian thinks that not all falling in love will have sex. If you are in love with lovers, please cherish and love good girls to avoid the following situations;

1. contact each other’s body

Between single men and women, if you want to maintain a pure friendship, then you must pay attention to each other’s distance, and do not have a movement that surpasses friendship.If you have various physical contact between you, such as holding hands, putting your shoulders, touching your head, pinching your face, and even kissing, then your relationship will no longer be pure.It is not far away to continue contact with sex.

2. contact each other’s family

If you reach your family and integrate your life between you, then you are not far from the deeper contact.

3. Share each other’s secrets

Everyone will have more or less small secrets that belong to themselves, and they will not easily say to outsiders. Whether it is something sad or old, they will only be buried in their hearts.Share to talk, let alone a friend of the opposite sex.

Love should be pure and beautiful!

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