What about stomach pain in pregnant women

Pregnant women are more common in stomach pain. Due to the changes in hormones and the compression of the uterus, the digestive function of the stomach will reduce the symptoms of gastric acid, excessive gastric acid, miracle, nausea and other symptoms.Pregnant women should pay attention to the light diet in daily life, eat less and eat less.

1. Subcutation of the sphincter causes gastric acid to return.The sphincter is located at the connection between the esophagus and the stomach. Its function is to make the food that eats enter the stomach smoothly and will not return.After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, the sphincter relaxes, and the foods that are eaten are easy to return. The acidic content of the internal stomach will flow from the stomach to the esophagus, throat and mouth, stimulating the mucous membrane and causing stomach pain.Gradually enlarged uterus will also compress the stomach, resulting in the easier rollover of gastric acid and making the chest burning.

2. The uterus compresses the stomach.In the third trimester, the gradually increased uterus will squeeze a certain squeeze to each organs, so the stomach may be affected. As the pregnancy age increases, mild gas may be short, which is also due to uterine compression.

3. Hormone stimulation.After pregnancy, the blood HCG of pregnant women rises rapidly, causing stimulation to the stomach, causing pregnant women to vomit.

4. Stomach problems before pregnancy have not healed.Pregnant women have stomach problems before pregnancy. Due to improper diet during pregnancy, stomach pain is caused.If the pregnant woman itself has gastric disease, or it cannot identify gastritis or gastric pain caused by pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital to prevent gastritis from worsening.In addition, if vomiting is very severe, some symptoms of acidosis occur, and you should go to the hospital in time.

Due to the change of hormones and the compression of the uterus, pregnant women will reduce the digestive function of the stomach, and cause symptoms such as excessive gastric acid, nausea, and pain.The specific symptoms of stomach pain in pregnant women are:

1. Pain position

The stomach is located on the upper abdomen, with a depression under the sternum, and above the navel (near the heart nest).If the belly is divided into four areas, the pain in the part of the part in the middle of the left is most likely to be stomach pain.However, it may also be caused by diseases such as esophageal, duodenum, and gallbladder.

2. Pain time

Stomach pain occurs after meals or before meals, after eating certain foods, or occurs under the condition of hunger and full.Stomach pain in pregnant women usually occurs in early and third trimester.In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, the sphincter relaxes, and the food that is eaten is easy to run up. Therefore, pregnant women will cause gastric acid and vomiting.In the third trimester, the gradual increased uterus will compress the stomach, causing gastric acid to pour upwards and cause a burning sensation in the chest.If these stomach discomfort fails to deal with it in time and the condition worsens, it will cause pregnant women to feel stomach pain.

3. Symptoms of accompaniment

Stomach discomfort is usually accompanied by some other symptoms. Pregnant women’s stomach discomfort is mostly manifested as snoring, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, and chest tightness.If it is accompanied by symptoms such as chest tightness and heart, vomiting, snoring, snoring, etc., it may be esophageal disease; if symptoms such as analogy, fullness of sour pain, snoring sour, and even vomiting blood may be used to be carefully distinguished.

1. Gastroscopy test and biopsy: The gastroscopy test is the main method of diagnosing chronic gastritis.The shallow gastritis is the most obvious, mostly diffuse, and the surface of the gastric mucosa is red and white or pattern changes. Sometimes it sees dispersal erosion and often has white or yellow and white exudate.The mucosa of atrophic gastritis is mostly pale or gray -white, and the wrinkled wall becomes thinner or flat. Due to the thinning of the gastric mucosa, the submucosal blood vessels can be seen in purple and blue, and the lesions can be filled or the main gastric sinus.

2. X -ray meal examination: Most chronic gastritis has no abnormalities.

3. Analysis of gastric juice: Chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric acid secretion often has obstacles, especially when chronic atrophic gastritis in the gastrointestinal part.

4. The serum wall cell antibody tests the serum gastrine measurement: Most gastric gastritis, serum wall cell antibody, is often positive, while serum gastrin has increased more.On the contrary, gastritis gastritis is mostly negative, while serum gastrin is reduced.

Pregnant women don’t have to be too nervous, pay attention to diet in daily life.

1. Properly reduce the amount of diet

Due to the cause of hormone and uterine compression during pregnancy, gastrointestinal function will decrease, and many pregnant women eat high nutritional foods in large quantities during pregnancy, leading to overshoot the stomach and cause stomach pain.Therefore, the amount of eating each time should be appropriately reduced, especially the foods with high sugar content should be reduced.You can drink some porridge and soup when stomach pain.

2. Half -sitting position

If the stomach pain of pregnant women is strong, and the pain is unbearable, taking a half -sitting position can reduce the pain.

3. Acupoint massage

(1) Kneading: Neiguan acupoint is located in the middle of the wrist, about three horizontal fingers (width of three fingers together) from the wrist horizontal lines, and take acupoints between the two tendons.Rub with your thumb and position the circle 3-6 times, and alternate with both hands, which can increase during pain.

(2) Press the Zusanli: The Zusanli acupoint is located three inches below the edge of the knee (equivalent to the width of the four fingers together), between the tibia and fibula.Press the three-mile acupoint at the end of the thumb of both hands. Usually 3-6 times, it can increase in pain, and the method can be slightly heavy.

4. Drug treatment

If you often have stomach pain at night, you can use some anti -acid agents under the guidance of a doctor and take it before going to bed.Taking some vitamin E+C or spiral slices can also relieve stomach pain.In severe cases, the cause of diagnosis should be diagnosed as soon as possible, and then targeted treatment should be performed.

Pregnant women count in daily life, eating and eating less, and exercising appropriately, which can effectively prevent and relieve stomach pain.Pay attention to the following points to prevent stomach pain:

1. Reasonable diet, eat less meals

Three meals, quantitative, and fixed -point, you can also eat 4 to 5 meals a day, and the meal time is best controlled at 30 to 60 minutes.The process of eating should be calm and happy.Three meals should not be ignored or merged.It is best to be fixed at a harmonious and warm place when eating.And try not to be affected or interrupted by the outside world.

2. Eat fresh food and eat less irritating food

Eat less hot and sour foods. Usually diet should provide foods rich in vitamins to facilitate the protection of gastric mucosa and improve their defense capabilities, and promote the repair of local lesions.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to the balance of nutrition.

3. Proper exercise exercise

Do not lie down half an hour after meals. Try to sit straight during meals to avoid gastric acid back.You can exercise appropriately daily: stand separately with your feet with your shoulders, put your hands on your knees lightly, and your body is slightly bent forward.Take a deep breath and slow down the abdominal muscles when you vomit, but do not force it hard, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.Dowry the lung gas to relax the muscles.Keep this posture for 5 to 20 seconds, don’t hold your breath, repeat 4 to 7 times.This action is helpful to alleviate indigestion and constipation.

4. Pregnant women who have gastric diseases before pregnancy, or gastritis pain caused by gastritis or pregnancy. It is recommended to go to the hospital to prevent stomach discomfort from worsening.

When pregnant women have stomach pain, they must pay attention to a light diet, soft and digestible food, usually drink porridge, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

1. Porridge

All kinds of porridge foods are not only rich in nutrients, but also have the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption. It is the best choice for patients with gastrointestinal diseases.Among them, pumpkin porridge and corn porridge have the most effects on nourishing the stomach and alleviating stomach pain.Pregnant women can drink some corn porridge, millet porridge, yam porridge, etc. Do not add auxiliary materials to porridge at will. You can add a little jujube.The diet is mainly light. After the symptoms of gastric pain are reduced, high -calorie and nutritious foods are gradually added.

2. Two types of drinks

Pregnant women have poor appetite or poor digestion. They can drink some milk, supplement nutrition, and soothe the brain.Don’t drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning. It is best to drink milk 1 to 2 hours after breakfast. Eat some foods with more starch before drinking milk, such as steamed buns, so that milk can stay in the human stomach for a longer time.Milk and gastric juice can fully occur in enzymatic disintegration, so that protein can digest and absorb well.

3. Tangshui

Tangshui foods also have good stomach nourishing and alleviating stomach pain. The so -called soup is made from various ingredients.But be careful not to drink too much broth. If you want to really play the effect of nourishing the stomach, it is best to drink more vegetable soup in your daily life, such as like spinach fan soup and egg soup.When boiling soup, be careful not to put salt too much, so as not to cause another harm to the stomach.

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