Week 23 of pregnancy

Fetal weight: 520g

Fetal height: 28cm

Reminder during pregnancy: Fetal treasure skeletal muscles have good and have weak vision; pregnant mothers have increased stretch marks and local edema.

Abstract of fetal development: The bones and muscles of the baby are good, and the retina has also been formed, which has a weak vision.

Fixed keywords · Fetal size: size like a eggplant

Fixed keywords · Development: Hearing is more sensitive

Fetal development text:

The fetus is about 28cm long from head to toe, weighs about 520g, the average value of the double -top diameter is 5.80 ± 0.44cm, the average of the abdominal circumference is 17.90 ± 1.85cm, and the femoral length is 4.21 ± 0.41cm.

The bones and muscles of the baby’s baby are getting better. His figure is getting more and more well -proportioned. The retina has also been formed. It has a weak vision and has become sensitive to hearing. Moms in this period can tell the baby more stories.Listen to some soothing music and other appropriate prenatal education.His skin is still red, wrinkled, a little transparent.The tissue and blood vessels in his lungs are developing and preparing for his breathing.Of course, the development of the lungs will take a long time, and it is the latest organs that are fully developed.

Summary of mothers: Pregnant mothers may increase their breasts and abdomen, or they find that their legs and feet are somewhat edema.

Fixed keywords · Physical change: pregnancy marinate leg edema

Mom change the text:

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, your weight is increasing steadily, and it has now increased by about 4.7kg.Some expectant mothers’ breasts and abdomen stretch marks will increase, and even light red patterns appear on the thighs. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. These are normal phenomena and slowly diminish after delivery.

In addition, some pregnant mothers will find that their legs and feet have some edema. The blood circulation of the legs during pregnancy is slow, and the blood chemistry changes, which causes water to stay and cause edema.

How to relieve edema during pregnancy?

During the rest, put the pillow under the feet, raise your feet, and sleep on the left as much as possible.Straighten your legs while sitting to avoid sitting or standing for a long time.Usually exercise more, take more walks, and supplement sufficient water.Edema during pregnancy is normal. The pregnant mothers will frequently go to the toilet and sweat after the production of the pregnant mothers to discharge excess water in the body.However, if edema is too serious, such as edema suddenly appears, the swelling of the hands, faces, and eyes is swollen, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible to see if it is the early stages of epilepsy.

Medical care Abstract: 23 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will suffer some special condition, such as insomnia and stretch marks.

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Random keyword 2 (medical care): stretch marks during pregnancy

Medical and health care:

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may also suffer from insomnia during pregnancy.Sleeping for pregnant women refers to the difficulty of sleeping in pregnant women, and it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up, resulting in insufficient sleep and a disease of sleep disorders.

1. What are the causes of insomnia?

(1) Insomnia causes insomnia.Specific mothers often become hesitant and insomnia, and they are more sensitive and psychologically sensitive. This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body.The hormones that affect the human body during pregnancy are mainly estrogen and progesterone.

(2) Change of diet habits.The diet and taste of expectant mothers may change during pregnancy, because the demand for fetal development is increased, so it is prone to excessive saturation.Dietary changes can also affect the quality of sleep quality.

(3) frequent urine.This is a common cause of insomnia for pregnant women.During pregnancy, the increasing uterus will compress the bladder of the expectant mother, which will cause the expectant mother to receive frequent urination. The number of toilets will increase, which will affect the quality of sleep.

(4) Cacus in the middle of the night.With the increase of the gestational week, expectant mothers often have the symptoms of cramps, which is also one of the causes of insomnia.Most of the cramps are related to the sleeping posture, and it is usually prone to cramps when the soles are down.

2. The corresponding countermeasures of insomnia

Pregnant mothers should try to reduce sleep time during the day and promote sleep by strengthening appropriate exercise.

3. Reasons for the formation of stretch marks

Affected by factors such as genetic, weight gain, and hormones during pregnancy. The bulge of the expectant mother’s abdomen caused the elastic fiber and collagen fiber of the skin to be damaged or broken by varying degrees of damage due to external force.Pink or purple -red wavy patterns with different width and length, different lengths, are often accompanied by a sense of encouragement or slight itchy during the corresponding parts.After delivery, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving white or silver -white shiny scar line patterns, that is, stretch marks.

4. Prevention of stretch marks

Before pregnancy: You can exercise in an appropriate amount, massage in moderation, and enhance the elasticity of the skin. At the same time, pay attention to nutrition, eat more protein -rich foods, and avoid taking too much oil, sweets, and too salty foods.

During pregnancy: adhere to moderate exercise and ensure balanced and nutritious diets, avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates and excess calories, and control the weight of pregnancy; the water temperature should not be too high during shower, and gently massage the belly skin to enhance skin elasticity; pregnancy; pregnancy; pregnancy; pregnancy; pregnancy; pregnancy; pregnancy; pregnancyIn the later period, physical decompression can be used, such as the belly strap to slow down the excessive extension of the skin.

Postpartum: Persist in the body exercise of running and specific parts, and insist on balanced and correct eating habits.

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