Week 12 of pregnancy: the factors that affect the fetus during pregnancy and daily diet

Factors affecting the fetus during pregnancy

The first is nutritional factors.During pregnancy, malnutrition will bring a series of impacts on the mother and fetus, which will cause the fetus to delay and even lead to deformity.Therefore, during the two specific periods of the two months of pregnancy and the last 3 months of pregnancy to the birth of the baby, the intake of pregnant women and infant proteins should be increased, so that brain cells can be more split and proliferated, and they can promote intellectual development.EssenceIn recent years, relevant information shows that vitamins should be supplemented by pregnant women before and after pregnancy, which can promote the normal closure of embryo neurological organs.Vitamin B ↓ (12) and folic acid are essential substances for cell division. Such insufficient nutritional supplies can cause the tissue of the fetus to develop slowly.Due to nutritional factors due to nutritional factors, the scope of its spread is wide. According to the nutritional category of the fetus, the nervous system, internal organs, skeletal, limbs, facial abnormalities, etc. can appear abnormal or growth and developmental disorders.

The second is professional factors.It refers to the harm of factor in the working environment and labor of pregnant women in the working environment and labor process.For example, the fetal nervous system is more sensitive to lead. Lead can cause defects in the fetal brain and central nervous system, making the chance of poisoning for pregnant women.

The third is emotional factors.The mood during pregnancy is stable, and the mood will play a good role in the healthy development of the fetus.Because mental stimulation can cause the balanced relationship between the cerebral cortex and the internal organs, endocrine disorders, causing the increased adrenal cortex hormone, reduced the movement of pregnant women’s uterus, reduced blood flow, and insufficient fetal oxygen supply, which can easily peel off the fetus early.In addition, adrenaline has a longer role in the fetus than the mother’s itself. After the tension of the pregnant woman, the stress state of the mother will begin to ease, but the impact on the fetus continues.Therefore, to prevent tension and anxiety during pregnancy.

Daily diet of prospective mommy

Vitamin preparations and vegetables cannot replace each other as one of the main sources of vitamins required by the human body, and non -ferrous vegetables are rich in vitamins.However, many people in life eat less vegetables and try to supplement them by eating vitamins. Some people think that vegetables are rich in vitamins. As long as they eat more vegetables, there is no need to eat vitamin preparations.

On the one hand, vitamin preparations cannot replace vegetables.This is because the vitamins in vegetables are natural ingredients according to a certain proportion, and most of the vitamins are artificially synthesized, and the two are different in nature.Vegetables are a collection of multiple vitamins, while vitamin preparations are mostly single.Although there are some vitamins in vegetables, the role of the human body is similar to vitamins, such as bioflavonoids, chlorophyll, etc., so the vegetables of vegetables on health are more comprehensive.Of course, vegetables also contain non -vitamin nutrients such as minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, and cellulose, and have more comprehensive nutrition.Therefore, it is almost impossible to replace vegetables with vitamins.When eating vegetables is relatively small, taking vitamin C or taking other vitamins at the same time is just a suitable measure. In terms of comprehensive and balanced nutrition, eating vegetables and fruits is far more important than vitamin preparations.

On the other hand, vegetables cannot replace vitamins.This is because: First, not all vegetables are rich in vitamin C. Unless you carefully choose green, red, purple vegetables and fruits, it is difficult to meet the 100 mg vitamin C you need every day.Second, vitamin C is water -soluble, so it is easy to lose when washing vegetables; vitamin C is afraid of high temperature, the temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, and vitamin C in vegetables will be destroyed in large quantities; vitamin C is also easyOxidated oxygen in the air, the longer the vegetables and fruits are stored, and the more vitamin C is lost.Therefore, unless the correct cooking method is used, it is difficult to meet the daily needs of the human body even if you choose the above -mentioned non -ferrous vegetables.Therefore, in addition to relying on food, an appropriate amount of vitamin produces has a certain health effect.

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