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This is my twenty -two story of my popular science

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It has always been a good "friend" who has always been very good

They always do not hesitate to live

Come to our deliciousness

But have you ever thought about a question

According to "Hanwu Cave" record

According to legend thousands of years ago

There is a type of double -chews in the rivers and lakes and rivers.

Not only does digging cause waterfield dehydration, it will also use chelated people to hurt people

People also call it "holding human insects"

Because the hugs and insects are digging everywhere, it affects the Dayu water treatment project

So what did you decide to do?

So they started digging the groove by the city

Pour in boiling water in the gap

After climbing the hip people climb, it will fall into the ditch and be burned to death by hot water

But I did not expect that the hot -hearted hippotedworm was red all over the body

And emit a delicious fragrance

Because I really can’t help this fragrance

So Baba opened the crab shell, and boldly bite off

Human delicious


People do too

The contribution of Bazai has created a statue


People start to study the various ways of eating crabs

Boil, stir -fry, braised

All kinds of

But the most impressive

Still the crab yellow of the crab’s entrance

In terms of hairy crabs

From September to October

The price of female crabs is much more expensive than male crabs

This is because September-October is the season when the mother crabs mature

It’s also the time of crab yellow

First correct a common sense error of everyone

The male crab has crab yellow

Because people think that crab yellow is something that crabs itself

But it’s not actually

Crab yellow is only available in female crabs

Most of the crab yellow is the ovaries of female crabs

There are a small number of digestive glands of female crabs

When crab yellow has a larger and bright orange -yellow age, the sex gland of the mother crab has matured

At this time, the most crab yellow and the most delicious

Speaking of which

Then there will be a grandfather who will say:

"You can open the public crab’s shell and there is a paste."


But that’s not crab yellow

But "crab paste"

White sticky things in male crabs

Just crab paste

Mainly male side glands and their secretions

Pondal gland is rich in protein, lipids and other types of nutrients

High nutritional value and very delicious


What is common in common crabs and female crabs

It’s "Huanger"

Huanger is the liver and pancreatic of crabs

It is similar to the pancreas of our body

Can produce digestive enzymes

Help to break down any toxins taken from algae, animal corpses and pollution waters

This has to be distinguished

The easiest to judge directly from Huanger’s color

If it is a lively crab

Huanger is light yellow


And if Huanger is black and has odor

Can’t eat it

Huanger’s color changing situation

It’s because of the death of crabs

As a result, liver pancreatic cannot continue to work

Therefore, there will be Huangerzhong without being eliminated by bacteria


People may have abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating

So you must pay attention when you buy crabs

Try to buy live or frozen

Try not to buy that kind of dying

According to Chinese research data statistics

Each 100 grams of crab yellow contains 466 mg of cholesterol

Certificate of World Health Organization:

The intake of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids in diet is too high

Increase the level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood

As a result, the probability of increasing cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Based on the World Health Organization suggestion

The daily cholesterol intake of the human body should be less than 300 mg

According to this proportion

Eat a mother crab that weighs three or four

The content of cholesterol has exceeded the standard


Must eat crab

Try not to exceed 1 crab every day, and eat up to 2 to 3 times a week

If you eat more than 2 at a time, then it is best to eat it next time for a week


For people with high cholesterol patients, people with poor liver and kidney function

Still try to avoid eating

Children, pregnant women

It’s better to eat less

The above is the whole content of the story

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“Is very scientific”

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