Warm heart!Pregnant mother’s fracture doctor "pure handmade" for his successful surgery

Jinyang.com reporters Fu Chang, correspondent Sun Jian, and Chen Xiaolin reported: Ms. Meng, a prospective mother of 6 weeks of pregnancy, accidentally fell at home, causing severe fractures of the left ankle.In urgent situations, if surgical treatment is performed, examinations and risks before and after surgery may have an impact on the fetus in the abdomen; if conservative treatment, the wound healing deformity or improper recovery may cause tribute in the future.Under repeated communication with Ms. Meng, Liao Jianwen, chief physician of the trauma orthopedic department of the Third Hospital of Nanyi, eliminated difficulties and prepared for her successful surgery, which avoided the possible X -ray radiation and drug effects to the greatest extent.At the end of July last year, the baby was born smoothly, healthy and lively.

Pregnant mother accidentally fell as a doctor’s "handmade" surgery

Ms. Meng, 35, just learned that she was pregnant and had severe pregnancy.One day at 11 o’clock in the evening, she was prepared to go to the bathroom, and she had vomited a place before she came.Bare -footed, because she stepped on her vomit and slipped, the whole person fell back.I heard a "click" immediately, and found that the bone at the ankle of the left foot was broken. You could touch it through the epidermis, and the pain could not go completely.The husband who heard the sound immediately called 120 and sent her to the third hospital of Nanyi.

After receiving the emergency department, Ms. Meng refused to shoot X -rays. "The baby is too young, I am really scared, the radiation of the film will cause the baby to be deforming." After the pain and the trauma orthopedic, Liao Jianwen understands the situation in detail, followedAfter Ms. Meng discussed, she chose the nuclear magnetic resonance and color Doppler ultrasound inspection without adverse effects to determine the specific type of fracture.

According to the diagnosis, Ms. Meng’s left, outer, and posterior ankle fractures, and left ankles were damaged from the front ligament.At the same time, the color Doppler reminder is that the embryo survives well.

Combined with imaging diagnosis, Ms. Meng’s situation is best for surgical treatment. Conservative treatment may affect future walking.Considering the actual situation of Ms. Meng, the impact of abortion and embryonic development cannot be completely eliminated by Ms. Meng’s actual situation, and in view of this, Liao Jianwen invited experts such as obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia department and other departments to consult and improved related examinations.

After repeated communication with his family members, Liao Jianwen decided to take the most conservative method under Ms. Meng’s strong request. Under the anesthesia in the spinal canal, there is no positioning operation of X -ray radiation during the operation.Fracture is cut and reset, and the inside of the steel plate is fixed.This means that without the precise assistance of the instrument, Liao Jianwen has to "operate" with his years of experience and technical accurate positioning.

Before surgery, Ms. Meng complained uneasily on the one hand, deeply regret the severe fracture caused by her mistakes, and was worried that she was afraid that this operation would affect the baby. Without the auxiliary instrument, can the surgery be successfully completed?One day before the operation, Liao Jianwen saw Ms. Meng’s doubts and anxiety, patiently comforting and enlightening her, not only expressed his understanding of her mood, but also made Ms. Meng not have to worry about surgery.Make sure the operation is safe and smooth.

Under the complete preparation of surgery, the anesthesiology department used the most suitable anesthesia and drug dosage to anesthes anesthesia. Liao Jianwen tried to shorten the operation time as much as possible and successfully performed surgery for Ms. Meng.After the operation, Ms. Meng recovered well and was discharged soon.

Avoid walking on your feet during pregnancy

After this fracture, Ms. Meng felt that the baby was particularly strong."At that time, I thought in my heart that the doctor helped me try to avoid X -ray radiation and harmful drugs to the baby. If you still can’t keep it, it means that there is no fate with the baby, and I will not blame the doctor. After all, wrestling is my own mistake."she says.Fortunately, the baby survives well, and each checkup is smooth. In July last year, the baby was born smoothly and was healthy.

Recently, Ms. Meng returned to the Third Hospital of the South Medical Hospital to take out the inner fixed steel nails. She told reporters that her baby is now 10 months old, healthy and lively, and her own left foot has recovered well.

Liao Jianwen reminded that mothers must pay attention to protect themselves during pregnancy, avoid injuries, and usually be careful when walking. Do not walk at home at home to prevent falling.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the abdomen cannot be seen on the ground, it is inconvenient to move, and it is easier to fall. You must choose the right shoes and try to protect yourself and your baby.

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