Want to terminate pregnancy in the palace early pregnancy, is it choosing a surgical abortion or a drug abortion?

The gynecological clinic, 26 -year -old Yutong face was good, but he was frustrated. "Doctor, I have not been menstruation for more than a month.Do you have a good abortion, or is the medicine and the health produced? "

I looked at her depressed expression and comforted her softly, "Don’t worry first, I will give you a color Doppler ultrasound, see if there are pregnancy sacs and yolk sacs in the palace, and then make a decision, okay?" She nodded seriously.

Careful asking the medical history, the menstrual law of Yutong Ping, 4-5/28-32 days, the menstrual volume is normal, no dysmenorrhea.The last menstruation July 23, 2020.Activity of 1 pregnancy is 0. Once surgery was aborted 1 year ago.

On September 5, 2020, pelvic color Doppler ultrasound returns: the front of the uterus, full shape, increased, luminous by the membrane, the echo of the palace wall is uniform, the palace is seen in the dark area of a gestational sac, the size is 17*11mm.Back vocal sounds, the echo of the germ, showing the heart tube beating.Obvious echoes were obviously visible in the bilateral accessory area.Ultrasound reminder: In -the -palace pregnancy, the size is equivalent to 6 weeks.

"Now it can be determined that the palace is pregnant, and the size is also suitable for terminating pregnancy. Then I and you will introduce the abortion and abortion of the surgical, and then you choose again."

Surgical miscarriage is divided into negative pressure attraction and tong scraping.

(1) Negative pressure attraction: It is suitable for voluntarily requesting to terminate pregnancy within 10 weeks of pregnancy without taboos or for those who do not continue to pregnancy due to certain diseases (including genetic diseases).Contraindications include the acute phase of various diseases, inflammation of genitals, and two body temperatures before 37.5 and poor systemic health conditions before surgery, and cannot withstand surgery.

(2) Pie scraping: It is suitable for voluntarily requesting to terminate pregnancy between 10 and 14 weeks of pregnancy without taboos, or those who should not continue pregnancy due to certain diseases (including genetic diseases).Contraindications are the same as negative pressure attraction.12 weeks of pregnancy or more must be hospitalized.In recent years, due to the application of Mepitetanone and maco anterior alcohol, pliers scraping has gradually been replaced by drugs.

The advantage of the abortion of surgery is that the embryo tissue can be completely removed at one time.

Drug abortion: refers to the way to terminate pregnancy in early pregnancy application.The abortion is limited to within 49 days of pregnancy.Its advantages are that the method is simple and does not require in -the -palace operation. It is non -invasive.Divine abortion is based on the current commonly used scheme for compatibility with macyehyl and macoolitol.

Divine abortion is applied to:

(1) Pregnancy <49, I voluntarily requested the use of drugs to terminate healthy women from 18 to 40 years old;

(2) High -risk objects of surgical abortion, such as scar uterus, multiple abortion and severe pelvic malformations.

(3) Those who have concerns or fear of abortion of surgery.

Side of the drug abortion: nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain and fatigue, and its long -term side reaction needs to be further observed.After taking the medicine, you should observe it closely. Those with multiple bleeding should be cleared immediately.Individual patients do not have lower abdominal pain or yin after medication. Diaofli blood symptoms need to be changed to terminate abortion.After a long period of bleeding and the amount of bleeding from drug abortion, although the drug is used in centers and antibiotics after drug abortion, sometimes the curative effect is still not significant.Medica abortion must be implemented in medical institutions with regular rescue conditions.

"After the abortion of the drug, there is a side reaction, and the amount of bleeding may also occur, and you need to perform the clearing the palace immediately; or there is no lower abdominal pain, yin. Diaofli blood symptoms, you need to change the abortion.The effect is not obvious. And the surgical abortion can completely remove the embryo tissue, the uterus is basically contracted well after surgery, and the vaginal bleeding is not much. The above is the difference between the two. Which method do you want to choose? "I introduced to Yutong in detail.

After thinking about it for a moment, she said decisively, "Doctor, I chose to have an abortion, can I tomorrow?"

"Of course, you can come to the hospital with your beloved tomorrow morning." "Okay, doctor, thank you!" Yutong left the clinic with a smile.

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