Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend Sydney was pregnant as soon as he was engaged!Wang Sicong’s intestines regret it?Intersection

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Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend Sydney is pregnant!Will Wang Sicong regret not marrying her?

Not long ago, I had just been proposed. Yesterday, Sydney announced that it had been pregnant for 12 weeks. In addition to being hungry during pregnancy and eating too much weight, I also told fans their next work plan.

I still do n’t forget to work after pregnancy, and Sydney has moved a lot of fans seriously.

Since Sydney University has begun to open an online store with his companions and share entrepreneurial stories on Weibo. Sydney’s online store has become more and more popular and became a inspirational Internet celebrity. The online store has also achieved three golden crowns.It has become an Internet celebrity incubator. It is said that she has trained 30 net celebrities with a valuation of hundreds of millions.

A woman who looks very weak has such a good business mind.No wonder when Wang Sicong fell in love with her at the beginning, she often took her in and out of the public. It is said that Wang Jianlin also had a high evaluation of Sydney.

However, Sydney was studying bully during college, because entrepreneurs also gave up Bao Yan. After work, there was an experience of lectures in Britain … I have to say that this girl is indeed talented.

Wang Sicong is unmarried, and Sydney should be a more traditional woman. She is in love, married and having children. It should be her own plan.Now, not only is she ready to be a bride, she also succeeds in becoming a prospective mother.I don’t know what Wang Sicong feels?Will you understand the idea of getting married?Is the idea of unmarried significance relaxed?

Douer is said to be the longest of Wang Sicong’s girlfriend.A while ago, Wang Sicong broke up with her, and Douer immediately traveled intimately with another boy.

The girlfriend around Wang Sicong kept on what occasion to show his girlfriend. Do you want to fall in love with each other? Generally, Wang Sicong said the final say.Seeing that my ex -girlfriend and other boys travel sweetly, it must be that the vinegar bottle must be overturned.Not long after, the two reunited again.When he couldn’t see his ex -girlfriend "good", Wang Sicong would rather put down his body, and did not want to miss a girl he liked.

According to this idea, Sydney is ready to get married and have children. Did Wang Sicong regret it?

Of course, Wang Sicong would not do it.After all, it’s too face.However, the inner vibration must be there.

In particular, if the two people broke up, the reason was only because Sydney had a home instead of other anti -anti -factors.Wang Sicong will definitely regret that he insists on unmarried, and miss a good girl who can do it and be talented.

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