Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend Sweet revenge officer announced his pregnancy!In May, the body is blessed, and the dispute is caused by unmarried

On October 31st, Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend sweet hatred shared the recent situation on the social platform. The official announced that he was 5 months pregnant, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

Sweet Qiu text said that he was pregnant and was about to have a baby, and bluntly said "good excitement".

In the photos of the sun, sweet hatred appeared, and the dark circles in the corner of the eyes were a bit obvious.But in general, her skin is fair and tight, and it feels very clean.Compared with before, her face is much rounded, but she is still beautiful as ever.

Sweet Qiu said that she would share a good news with you, that is, she has been pregnant for almost 5 months.The reason why sweet hatred now told everyone this news, on the one hand, she knew only when she was two months pregnant, and on the other hand, it was intended to start a business.She feels that there is no need to cover up, it is better to acknowledge generously, which shows that her personality is relatively hearty.

Subsequently, Sweet Qiu also revealed that because of her pregnancy, the wedding that originally wanted to do this year can only be postponed to next year, because her belly is more obvious in two months.Not only that, she also revealed that since she was pregnant, she weighed from 97 pounds to 102 pounds.

Many netizens saw this dynamics and expressed their blessings, but many people questioned her unmarried pregnancy.In this regard, Sweet Qiu said that this kind of thing depends on the feelings of two people.

It is reported that sweet hatred was well known because he had a love with Wang Sicong.Earlier, the relationship between the two was very close. They often went out to play together, and even some people took them to see the picture of the new house together.However, the relationship ended briefly, and sweet hatred returned to a single life.

It is worth mentioning that sweet hatred also encountered his own happiness and talked about love with her boyfriend outside the circle.Sweet hatred also explained the reason why the man attracted her, because the two were comfortable together and their temperament was very good.

Not long ago, Sweet Qiu shared the picture of her boyfriend’s proposal for her proposal on social platforms. The warmth and romance at the scene was very ritual.It is not difficult to see from the picture that the man’s body is tall and outstanding, and the two stand together.

I saw that sweet hatred wearing a "pigeon egg" diamond ring sent by her boyfriend, with a happy smile on her face, this also reflects the man’s family from the side.

In any case, I hope that sweet hatred can live a happy life, and I wish the baby to be born smoothly.


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