Wake up!The IQ of the fetus is nothing to do with pregnancy vomiting. Pregnancy vomiting is nothing more than these three reasons.

Xiao Hua’s friend Xiao Menghuai recently had a second child, and he was a little depressed when he was excited.When I was tires, I could eat, drink, and sleep, without any pregnancy.Now that the second child is, it is completely opposite to the first child. Just 8 weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting has appeared, and the sense of smell has become extremely sensitive. You ca n’t smell any odors.Not only that, but when you are hungry, you ca n’t eat things.Many people have heard of this: "The more powerful you vomit, the better the baby develops, the smarter!" Is this true?Can I only endure such uncomfortable pregnancy?

There are many symptoms of early pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, and pregnancy is the most common type.Many preparation mothers don’t know much about the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting. What are the causes of pregnancy?How to relieve the impact of pregnancy vomiting on the fetus?Let’s learn more about pregnancy!

Pregnancy vomiting is mainly caused by 2 aspects:

1. Early pregnancy of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) level, the elevated level of estrogen stimulates the vomiting nerves of the brain, so it is inexplicable to vomit.

The most popular point is that the higher the HCG value, the more severe the symptoms of expectant mothers.Pregnancy generally occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. Some research reports suggest that nausea and vomiting will occur at 6 weeks of pregnancy.Will stop.

2. Weaken gastrointestinal motility

Due to the slowdown of gastrointestinal digestion on the side of pregnant women in the early pregnancy, the food will cause flatulence after a long stay, which will cause nausea and vomiting.At this important stage of early pregnancy, in order to prevent mothers from eating too much, the fetus develops too fast or is stimulated by bad stimulation, the body will automatically adjust the sense of smell and taste, and the pregnancy vomiting response is produced when stimulated to protect the fetus.

3. Personal constitution

Of course, different pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions are different.Some were safe and sound, and some spit out the fetus.Even if there is no pregnancy reaction at all, there is no need to be anxious. No pregnancy vomiting does not mean that the fetus is unhealthy.Pregnant women who are usually prone to motion sickness are more likely to vomit. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is more humid in the theory of Chinese medicine. Pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach are also prone to vomiting.

Is there any way to relieve pregnancy?Remember the following three aspects.

1. Balanced nutrition, light diet

Pregnant women cannot pick eaters and partial eclipse. Pay attention to foods rich in protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin -based foods, and folic acid must continue to be supplemented.Try to eat and eat as little as possible, so as not to be full.Avoid eating greasy and irritating foods.For example, garlic, peppers, onions, green onions, pepper, leek.Grancoli foods include fried food, fat, chicken soup.Edible or dry foods can be eaten in the morning.When you are pregnant, you vomit each time you eat it. Sometimes you even feel that you vomit more than you eat. In order to avoid dehydration, you can drink a small amount of warm boiling water.

2. Rest in an appropriate amount to maintain a good attitude

What is emphasized here is that rest is not absolutely bed, for the mother who is severe in pregnancy.If deep venous thrombosis is absolutely prone to bed, it is popular to prone to blood vessels.In addition to the right amount of rest, we must maintain a good mentality. I keep self -reminding and tell myself that the normal pregnancy can be improved through dietary adjustment and life changes. The symptoms can gradually disappear.

3. Avoid sensitive substances

For substances that stimulate pregnancy in life, try to avoid contact, such as rich flavor perfumes, fried foods, sewers that exude odors, etc., far away from these environments and items, which largely reduce the pregnancy vomiting from the source.


The degree of pregnancy is related to the physical quality of the individual. Mild and moderate pregnancy generally does not require treatment, and it will not cause adverse effects on the baby.Just pay attention to the above three aspects to relieve pregnancy.It is worth noting that when vomiting seriously affects normal life, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

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