Vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, do you know how to relieve it?


Vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy considers two factors in two aspects:

First, after the patient’s pregnancy, the level of blood hormone in the choric membrane increased, which is the most important cause of vomiting.Generally, patients start from about 40 days of pregnancy, to about 2 months of pregnancy, vomiting will reach its peak, and will gradually reduce it after 2 months, and it will basically disappear in about 3 months.Such a change curve is basically corresponding to the peak of the growth and stable period of the puffed gonad hormone. Therefore, considering vomiting in early pregnancy, it is closely related to the increase in the increase in the increase of the hemamin.

Second, it is mainly to consider the differences of individuals. Most patients who have more vomiting are mostly weak, or there are some patients with gastrointestinal diseases in themselves.Generally, patients with strong constitution or good gastrointestinal function, the symptoms of vomiting will be mild or without vomiting.

How to reduce pregnancy vomiting?

The fetus grows slowly in the early pregnancy and does not require much nutrition.Don’t worry too much about vomiting.You can drink a little water after getting up early. Try to choose what pregnant women like to eat and want to eat, but also adjust the diet structure, eat less meals, and eat light diet.Avoid greasy food.Drink plenty of water and eat more vitamin -rich foods to prevent constipation, because constipation will increase early pregnancy reactions.At the same time, the dining environment should be changed as much as possible in order to stimulate appetite.In order to reduce the reaction of pregnancy, you can eat more dry foods, such as biscuits, grilled buns, biscuits, bread slices, etc.If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidosis.At the same time, pregnant women should also maintain a happy mood to avoid depression, excessive stress and anxiety.Participate in gentle activities, such as outdoor walking, shopping in the park, and breathing fresh air, can improve your mood and strengthen your body to reduce your early pregnancy reaction.You can take the oral vitamin B1 or B6 after asking the doctor (the physical fitness of each person is different, you must consult the doctor about oral vitamins !!!))

If continuous nausea, vomiting, and dehydration are caused, hospitalization is needed.

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