Vitamins that can enhance immunity

1. What is vitamin E

Vitamin E, also known as nacilitic phenol, exists in the shape of oily liquid. It can be dissolved by lipid solvents and fat, so it belongs to lipid -soluble vitamins, including 8 forms (α, β, γ, Δ phenols, α, β, γ,, Δ tritenonal phenol), the most active is α-narcinol.Vitamin E plays an important role in anti -freedom, antioxidant, improved the body’s immunity, anti -cancer, and anti -aging.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the suitable vitamin E content of adults per day is 14mg, and the maximum intake is 700mg.According to statistics from Chinese residents’ nutrition and health, Chinese residents take an average daily intake of vitamin E to 37.4mg.

2. The role of vitamin E

1. Antioxidant: Vitamin E can remove free radicals in the body, combat the oxidation damage of cells on cells, and reduce the formation of lipoplastin (the formation of old spots is the effect of lipoplastin on skin cells).

2. Enhance the body’s immunity: Vitamin E can regulate the proliferation and differentiation of immune cells. It is one of the important factors affecting the function of immune cells., Thereby enhancing the body’s immunity.

3. The role of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular: Vitamin E can inhibit the synthetase of cholesterol synthesis in the body, thereby reducing cholesterol levels, improving lipid metabolism, and preventing porridge hardening.Vitamin E can also inhibit the cohesion of platelets and prevent coagulation and thrombosis, thereby reducing the occurrence of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

4. Improve the role of the reproductive system: Vitamin E affects the sperm production and activity of men, and has a positive effect on maintaining female estrogen concentration, improving fertility ability, and reducing abnormal pregnancy.

5. The function of the skin: Vitamin E can play a lavage effect by inhibiting melanocyte synthesis melanin, can also promote wound healing and reduce local scar formation.So many skin care products add vitamin E.

Third, vitamin E deficiency and excessive harm

(1) Lack.Under normal circumstances, adults do not cause lack of insufficient intake.However, when suffering from certain diseases, such as short bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea and poor fat absorption can cause vitamin E in the body.Under normal circumstances, vitamin E deficiency generally occurs on premature babies.Poor vitamin E has less storage in premature babies, and poor digestion and absorption, so it is easy to cause lack.Lack of vitamin E will increase the probability of human body suffering from certain cancers and atherosclerosis. The harm to the eye is that it will cause pigment retinopathy, cataract and other elderly degenerative diseases.The lack of vitamin E during pregnancy can affect fetal development and even cause habitual abortion.

(2) Excess.When you eat normally, you generally do not excess.Unless you take a large number of vitamin E supplements for a long time.Daily intake of more than 800 mg may occur. According to the introduction of Chief Physician Hu Wei, the chief physician of Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University, excessive amounts may cause thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. This is because large doses of vitamin E may cause platelet aggregation.Excessive use of vitamin E may also cause increased blood pressure. After stopping, blood pressure can be reduced and returned to normal.Both men and women can appear due to the hypertrophy, headache, dizziness, and vague vision caused by vitamin E intake.It will also affect the strength of the muscles, muscle weakness, skin cracking, and symptoms such as skin allergies and urticaria may also occur.

Therefore, vitamin E supplement must be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Fourth, food rich in vitamin E

1. Cooking oil: linen seed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower seed oil, etc.

2. Nuts: sunflower seeds, peaches, pine nuts, happy fruit, etc.

3, grains and beans: barley, oats, soybeans, etc.

4. Eggs: eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, etc.

5. Vegetables: spinach, cabbage, etc.

Health science is for reference only. If you are unwell, please seek medical treatment in time and treat them under the guidance of a doctor.

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