Very hot, sweating pregnant women, try these four methods, and you are cool and good.

When women are pregnant, the secretion of hormones increases the blood flow of the skin and accelerates the new agent during pregnancy.Therefore, many expectant mothers will feel like they are on fire, and they love sweat more than usual. When ordinary people need to wear spring and autumn, they can’t wait to wear short sleeves. When summer really comes, I can’t wait to stay at the air conditioner all day long.In the room -although this will make people feel cool, after all, it is not the best choice.So, what should expectant mothers do to let yourself be reduced from the "small furnace" state?Try the following 4 methods:

First, adjust the choice of dressing.

When hot in summer, wear loose and light clothes, and try to choose good air -permeable materials, such as cotton.In winter, you can choose to wear a few more layers of clothes, so that it is convenient to take off some when it is hot.

In fact, this is a good experience for many mothers who are afraid of chills. Do n’t wrap it like a polar bear forever in winter. Is n’t it a good experience?

Second, you can take more cool and cooling methods.

If your body is hot and you want to get cold quickly, you can apply ice or cold compresses on the inside of the wrist, or rinse the inside of the wrist with cold water.Because this is a pulse point, the body temperature of this part can drive the blood flowing inside to cool down.Of course, if you feel too hot, you can apply cold to other pulse points, such as the neck, ankle, and the rear of the knee.

Third, when you feel hot in summer, you may wish to eat some fruits.

For example, a bunch of ice grapes, such delicious and cold fruits, can not only supplement vitamin C, but also make people cool down, and the fat content is much lower than ice cream.Of course, if you don’t like to eat grapes, other ice fruits are also good choices: watermelon, mango, banana, etc. After cutting, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. Take it out when you feel hot.You can even put a bottle of water in the freezer of the refrigerator. When you are hot, take out a small mouth to suck. This can not only supplement the water, but also make you completely cool down.

Don’t worry about eating frozen foods that are not good for your baby, because when the food passes through the mouth and esophagus, it has become warmer.Don’t worry about "ice" at all.

Fourth, pay attention to comfortable sleep and avoid sweating due to overheating.

Especially in the summer, pay attention to the summer avoidance. You can turn on the air conditioner before going to bed to reduce the room temperature, and then turn off the air conditioner when you go to bed.The bed can be covered with natural fiber -made bedding, which can help you disperse sweat as soon as possible.

In winter, the indoor temperature is not suitable for adjusting to the degree of heat, because it is easy to make the body more hot. When there is heating, it is best to put on the air humidifier to increase the humidity in the air and adjust the room temperatureEssence

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