Use ovulation test strip for the first time to become a good pregnancy!Sometimes the method is really important

My husband and I have been married for more than half a year. After marriage, I did not plan to have children.But the job I worked suddenly suddenly, and I happened to be the ranks of layoffs.Without a job, I want to rest for a while at home and continue to find it, but the lazy problem has never been looking for.But you can’t do anything.So I started to take advantage of my child in advance.

The first step in preparing for pregnancy was to go to the hospital for a pregnancy examination.The results showed that estrogen was normal.Later, I learned that there was an ovulation test paper through a friend’s introduction.Then I bought a few boxes of test strips online.The reason why I bought it online is because I think the price of online buying is cheaper than pharmacies.

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I started ovulation from the 25th and tested twice a day on the 28th. Don’t be afraid of trouble. The most important thing is to know when AA.I first measured AA after the first 6 hours of positive, and then continued to be monitored. When Qiangyang appeared, it would mean ovulation within 24 to 48 hours. It is recommended that you don’t rush to AA. I am Qiangyang. I am Qiangyang.After 15 hours of appearing, I went out to open a house with my husband. I was mainly during the day. I was afraid that my mother -in -law was there. My mood was not enough to prevent looseness and had an impact on pregnancy.The more this time, the more you can’t put too much pressure on themselves, try to prevent pine as possible. As long as the two people are healthy, pregnancy is a matter sooner or later.Coupled with scientific methods.The baby must come back.

After love this time, continue to monitor.When the ovulation test strip turns from strong yang to yang or weak yang, this time is the eggs just discharged. No matter where your husband is, he must call him to come back to AA.This time, AA has become a sperm army to capture the egg, which is very important!Summarize the time of three AA, once every 6 hours after the appearance of Qiangyang, once every 12 to 24 hours after the appearance of Qiangyang, and once after the weakening of Qiangyang.

Summary of pregnancy experience:

1. Persist in detecting ovulation every day. Each person has different constitutions and different symptoms. I have no brushes in my ovulation. I don’t know if it is normal.

2. You must know that the front and rear positions of the uterus are found, and you will find the right posture.

3. Detection of body temperature, can see if the body temperature changes can be seen whether it is ovulation, or even know if it is pregnant.

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