Unexpected pregnancy is helpless, how long can I have a miscarriage after pregnancy?What are the abortion?

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When accidental pregnancy occurs, many men and women are at a loss. Perhaps the current economic situation cannot be raised, or their own psychological plans to be a good parent.The middle fetus also grows and develops day by day. The more developed the fetus, the greater the damage caused by abortion. How long can they have a miscarriage after pregnancy?

How long can I have a miscarriage?

Generally speaking, pregnancy can be detected after 30-40 days of menstruation.The abortion method is divided into drug abortion and surgical abortion. Within 49 days of menstruation, drugs can be performed. Artificial miscarriage surgery can be performed within 8 weeks of the last session.For more than 10 weeks, they must be hospitalized.Outside the drug abortion, then surgery to clear the palace.Note that the size of the gestational week is determined by the result of ultrasound.

What are the abortion?


There is no artificial mechanical intervention in drug abortion, which can effectively avoid partial damage or infection. However, the success rate of drug abortion is relatively low, only 75%. If abortion occurs, artificial surgery intervention is required.


The success rate of artificial abortion is as high as 99%, and the incomplete abortion is significantly lower than that of drug abortion.But this method is very painful, and some weak women are not easy to tolerate.


Painless abortion is the abortion method selected by most accidental pregnancy. The success rate is high and there is no pain during the surgery, but abdominal pain will occur after surgery. After all, the uterus has shrinkage. The pain is inevitable.No matter how advanced it is, it will hurt the body.

How long can I get pregnant after abortion?

Do not get pregnant again after abortion, which will cause great harm to the female body. After abortion, the reproductive organs of women after abortion require a certain recovery period. The body is restored to the initial good state to ensure the health of the mother’s fetus. ThereforeWomen in the Qing Palace should be raised for 3-6 months after the various indicators of their bodies are completely recovered before preparing for pregnancy, and women’s pregnancy is best not over 28 years old.

In short, the time to perform miscarriage should be as early as possible, so that the damage to the body is less, and the choice of abortion methods will be more and more flexible. In order to avoid physical damage caused by unexpected pregnancy, female friends should try to learn to protectYou can actively take contraceptive measures.

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