Two tires stop once, and 5 years of heart acid preparing for pregnancy.

Red Net Moment News October 17 (Correspondent Yang Gen) Zhou Zhou (pseudonym), who was 27 -year -old married, thought that he could welcome the baby smoothly, but did not expect that his pregnancy was long and twisted.In 5 years, Zhou Zhou had two tires (40 days, 45 days of fetal stops) and 1 biochemical pregnancy. For Zhou Zhou, good "pregnancy" seemed far away from her.

For the first time after the marriage, Zhou Zhou was pregnant smoothly, but he stopped on the fetus at 40 days.This tire stopped Zhou Zhou’s heart with a layer of haze. Hermoscopic abortion has also caused her to be secondary and amenorrhea. He tried heavily next Zhou Zhou and her husband decided to recuperate and then prepare for pregnancy.

Two years later, in 2020, Zhou Zhou became pregnant again.At 45 days, Zhou Zhou felt weakened in the early pregnancy and rushed to the hospital for examination. Unfortunately, this time the baby stopped again.After experiencing the pain in the fetus, a huge blow made Zhou Zhou lose confidence in herself. She didn’t understand what was the reason.

In the next time, Zhou Zhou’s husband and wife ran around in various hospitals in Changsha to do many inspections. In comparison, Zhou Zhou called this drama "Changsha Hospital Pickup Tour".At the same time, Zhou Zhou also made a complete set of planning tables. She organized all information, listed into forms, mastered the main points, and arranged in advance.Like processing projects, she regards her pregnancy as a new project, and the theme of the project is "good pregnancy".In October 2021, Zhou Zhou was pregnant again, unfortunately this biochemical pregnancy.

Three painful experiences caused a serious psychological shadow to Zhou Zhou.Occasionally, I learned that a friend was successfully promoted to Baoma under the escort of Dr. Zhou Wei, the Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Zhou Zhou was full of envy, and he had the expectations of being a mother.

Zhou Wei recalled that when I saw Zhou Zhou for the first time, she left a deep impression: holding a Nuo Da Tot bag with a file report and a book, heavy.When it was Zhou Zhou’s turn, Zhou Wei carefully read Zhou Zhou’s medical records and surgical records. He did not find that it would cause abnormal abnormalities to cause fetal stopping. Only the follicle monitoring data caused Zhou Wei’s attention:

In the follicles monitoring from April to June 2022, there was a dysplasia of follicles.Under normal circumstances, the diameter of mature follicles is about 20 ~ 25mm.And Zhou Zhou’s follicles are poorly developed. Although there are follicles, they are very small, only about 10mm, just like children who are not old staying in their early years; some follicles are slightly larger, but they still cannot reach normal levels.We can understand this group of small follicles as a group of small minor follicles. Small follicles are also likely to discharge eggs, but only adult superior follicles can discharge high -quality eggs.The eggs excreted from small follicles are also possible.However, less follicular liquids of small follicles will lead to lack of nutrition and quality of eggs breed, which will affect pregnancy.In addition, luteum is converted from the follicles after the eggs discharged. The follicles are too small, resulting in poor luteum development, less fertilizer produced by luteum, and the lack of nutrients in the soil (endometrium) of embryos, which will also affect the final final.Pregnancy.

After finding out the cause, Zhou Wei set the treatment plan targeted: use Chinese medicine to take acupuncture and spleen and kidney to nourish the kidney, nourish the nesting film, and promote the follicles and endometrial growth of Zhou Zhou.After a cycle of treatment, the follicle monitoring results in July verified Zhou Wei’s judgment: follicles and endometrium development synchronization; 23*17mm advantageous follicles; the estradiol value also reached 200+pg/ml, it is prompted to be anMature follicles.

This shows that Zhou Zhou’s follicles have been fully prepared and are about to be cooked.Zhou Wei seized the opportunity and accurately guided the same room after the same room. Two bars appeared again in the weekly test strip. Her heart was happy and worried that she was worried about whether she would stop her as before.

The blood drawing was determined that after pregnancy, Zhou Wei’s preparation plan came to the last ring: targeted fetal protection.The early conditioning allowed the seeds to "strongly", with regular monitoring after pregnancy, adjusting the micro -environment, and the results of the inspection were also good every day, and the smile returned to her face.Recently, Zhou Zhou has successfully passed NT!After two biochemicals, 5 years of pregnancy, and 5 years of pregnancy, she finally became a expectant mother.

Popular science:

What is the menstrual cycle like

Under normal circumstances, every time the menstruation starts, the follicles have slowly grown up, one of which is one of the follicles, calling it an advantageous follicles.

About 14 days before menstruation, this follicles will excrete eggs and wait for the combination of sperm. The remaining part of this follicles will slowly form luteum and participate in the secretion of hormones. This is a general process of normal menstrual cycle.

Follicles have its specific appearance, size, shape, and growth rate in the process of growing, excretion of eggs, and transformation into luteum.Any node can be advanced or delayed in advance, and the shape of the follicles is too flat or too round, which may cause the follicles to be unable to discharge the eggs and the eggs of the eggs normally, resulting in infertility or abortion of tires.Only by improving the quality of "seeds" before pregnancy, and having a strong and healthy "seed", can a strong and healthy "fruit" bred.

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