True gold and silver bought it.

Love to use during pregnancy.

I love to use things during pregnancy. I bought everything I used. At present, I am already in the third trimester. I will share with you all the good uses I used during pregnancy and must use it.

· The first: pregnant woman pillow.Someone will definitely say that this thing is not useful for IQ tax. I told you that when I bought it, it should be bought before the second trimester. I also think it is useless. Until the third trimester, I think it is a IQ tax.Essence

After the third pregnancy, do you like sisters who sleep like this after the stomach is big? Usually sleeping like this, I also like to sleep like this before pregnancy. You know after you are old.EssenceAfter the pregnant woman’s pillow, I am still inseparable from it. It is really easy to use it to sleep on the side, and it can be used as a breastfeeding pillow in the later stage. It is not recommended to buy that kind of overall.It is particularly convenient to buy this that can be separated.

· Second: pregnancy oil and body milk.

→ First of all, I chose another brand after comparing pregnancy oil, but I think it is very oily. After applying it, it absorbs very badly.After that, it was not greasy at all, and it quickly absorbed.

→ And the body milk is really cheap, easy to use, moisturizing, and not sticky. The botanicalism is particularly cheap and very easy to use.I am used to using these two together, pour the oil into my hand, and squeeze a little body milk, and just finish the stomach.

I don’t like to apply oil first and then apply my body milk. I feel too troublesome. I am lazy.

Next: sunscreen.I do n’t need to introduce the sunscreen effect of Anjisha ’s powder.Essence

· Third: straw cup.This cup is before I got pregnant, so I always use it to drink water. This is the material of the mother and baby level. When it is produced, I can get the delivery room without leaking the lock.And the straws are particularly powerful. I usually do n’t like to drink water. It ’s easy to drink with water to drink water, and it’ s very easy to drink.It looks good and practical.

You also need me to share what love, let me tell me below.

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