Trouble during pregnancy, a bowl of bird’s nest can easily get it

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages of a woman’s life. As a expectant mother, women in this period should not only pay attention to their nutritional health, but also take into account the nutrition and health of the fetus in the abdomen.

The bird’s nest is rich in bird’s nest. It is one of the essential components of the development of the breast milk and the only source of the human body to take from the outside world.Bird’s nest is rich in active protein, which can promote the growth of human tissue and improve immunity.Pregnant women have pre -pregnancy and prenatal feeding, and they are easy to get pregnant and tires.

While the mothers enjoy the delicious bird’s nest, they can provide balanced nutrition for the baby.Therefore, insisting on eating bird’s nest during pregnancy, it is an excellent choice for pregnant mothers or babies!

Pregnancy is a happy thing, but everyone often does not publish good news immediately. This is mainly because the first 3 months of pregnancy are the most unstable period of embryo. At this timeAfter three months, the fetus is stable and shared the joy.

Therefore, starting to eat bird’s nest in the first three months of pregnancy, it is very helpful to the fetal fetus.

Due to the particularity of pregnancy, the endocrine in the mother’s body will be different from usual, which will cause a series of pregnancy reactions. Generally, the pregnancy response occurs three months before pregnancy, and it will be relieved over time.

Pregnant women usually eat very little due to vomiting and other reasons in the early stages of pregnancy. Relatively speaking, the intake and absorption of nutrients will be greatly affected.The dried bird’s nest only needs to use 4-5g every day, and the nutrition that can be added can be greater than equal to the nutrition consumed by pregnant women in three meals a day.And it has a very obvious effect on relieving pregnancy.

The first 3 months of pregnancy are the most critical period of the growth and development of the fetal nervous system and various organs. The bird’s nest contains up to 10%of biological activity ingredients."" ".

"Bird’s Nest Acid" is a necessary component necessary for the fetal brain development and immunity system. It can promote the speed of information transmission of brain nerve cells and improve memory.The precious ingredients of "bird’s nest acid" exist in the mother’s colostrum and bird’s nest.

If you want to alleviate pregnancy reactions such as pregnancy, it is best to eat bird’s nest from the beginning of pregnancy, start to adjust endocrine early, and the bird’s nest also has the effect of warming the stomach. In addition to alleviating pregnancy, it can also relieve the discomfort of the stomach.

90%of expectant mothers will have different degrees of calcium deficiency symptoms during the third trimester, such as night cramps, loose teeth, bleeding gums, and joint pain in joint pelvic pain.If the intake of trace elements is insufficient, it will affect the baby’s growth and development.Bird’s nest is rich in minerals and trace elements, which can supplement the needs of baby’s calcium, iron, zinc and other needs, and supplement trace elements to prevent calcium deficiency!

If you want to improve the physique of pregnant women, you must eat bird’s nest throughout pregnancy. Bird’s nest is rich in high -quality protein and saliva acidic acid, which can improve immunity for pregnant women, and can also enhance physical strength for pregnant women and help production.

The maternal will be injured because of the baby after giving birth. The general supplements should not be eaten for the mother, but if the mother’s body is extremely weak, there is no way to carry the heavy responsibility of breastfeeding and care.In order to ensure the full nutrition of postpartum, bird’s nest is an excellent supplement. Bird’s nest belongs to warm supplements. Slowly conditioning and gradual reconciliation can make the mother’s body and spirit better recover.

When women first became pregnant, about 7-80 % of them would have stretch marks.The emergence of stretch marks is a distress for women who love beauty.If expectant mothers carry out effective defense in advance, they will greatly reduce the emergence of stretch marks.

In the early stages of pregnancy, there are generally no stretch marks, so many pregnant women are lucky and think that they will not be long -term, but they do not prevent them in time.When it comes out, the best time for stretch marks to prevent treatment has been missed.Therefore, the treatment of stretch marks should start from or in the early stages of pregnancy.

"National Geographical Magazine" in the Spring Festival in 2004 pointed out: "According to the initial identification of bird’s nest in the laboratory, most researchers have recognized that pure bird’s nest mainly contains water -soluble protein, fat, 8 essential amino acids and sodium sodium., Iodine and other elements. Compared with eggs, tofu, and Tremella, the protein contained in bird’s nests, 8 essential amino acids, and other elements are indeed much higher. "

Bird’s nest contains 2 collagen activated proteins, which can accelerate cell division, promote epidermal growth, increase the body’s immune capacity, restore vitality, increase the tolerance of the body X -rays and other radiation.

Bird’s nest contains a polypeptide material -epidermal growth factor (EGF), known as "beauty gene".It can stimulate a variety of cell division and proliferation, promote the division of cells, supplement collagen, and quickly repair damaged skin. In particular, the prevention of stretch marks has good effects. While preventing stretch marks, it can also make the skin smooth.bouncy.

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