Treatment of polycystic does not take detours, teach you three steps to conceive your baby

The misunderstanding of polycystic patients often appears

"It’s been almost a year after weight loss, why is it still effective for pregnancy?"

Adjusting weight and changing lifestyle processes is long, and it is difficult to adhere to long -term insistence.Decreased weight is also easy to die because of improper diet, causing hormone disturbances and disrupting the rhythm of pregnancy.

In adolescence, some female friends will have symptoms such as acne on their faces, hairstyles, and irregular menstruation. They start to gain weight and other symptoms. They mistakenly believe that it is a routine manifestation of adolescence and does not pay enough attention.Later, it was discovered that as the age increased, these situations not only did not ease, but became more serious.

Because it was anxious for a moment, he did not recognize the essence of the symptoms of the cystic, blindly treated, and spent a lot of time, and finally ended in failure.

Conditional assessment

Patronous patients have been unsuccessful whether they are planning or preparing for pregnancy. First, please check before pregnancy.

The polycystic ovary syndrome has diversity in clinical manifestations and does not have the same patients. Therefore, different patients need different treatment plans.The doctor will evaluate the physical condition and determine the cause based on the patient’s personal condition.

Prepare treatment and formulate a pregnancy -aged plan

According to different situations, formulate medication plans, time, dosage, etc. In order to increase the sensitivity of ovulation, reduce the complications of ovulation, reduce the abortion rate, reduce the pregnancy complications after pregnancy, these are helpful for pregnancy.


Through the above preparation treatment, some patients can restore natural ovulation and conception.Patients who cannot restore ovulation need to promote ovulation as soon as possible, because the drug discontinuation is too long, and the hormone disorders will soon relapse.

Reasonable medication

Depending on the patient’s different situations, the specified medication plan, time, dosage, etc.

Promote ovulation

Promote the process of conception, high success rate, and effectively reduce ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome.

Dynamic Monitoring

Monitor the endometrium changes and create a good conception environment for the bed in the bed.

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