Treatment of piglets is thin, these recipes are very useful!The method of the old and Chinese veterinarians see quickly

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Now it is the peak period of breeding and breeding of pigs. Pigs are often encountered, especially in the environment where the temperature changes in spring.Some piglets are not seriously symptoms of diarrhea, and they will be fine soon, but some are not good. How should we treat it?Let’s take a look at some "small recipes" in this section to see if it can help everyone.

To treat the piglets, you still need to distinguish the reason why the lower pigs are under the diarrhea.

This situation generally appears before and after the weaning of the pig, and the piglets begin to eat feed.Both of these situations are due to changes in the nutrition of piglets, causing stress reactions.The sow is too nutritious, and there are too many protein in the milk that the piglets cannot digest; or the feed is uneven, and the piglets eat too much or too little.The most common symptoms are the pork pork yellow stools, and some of them have indigestible feed.

The solution is mainly to absorb excess nutrition and increase the digestive ability of piglets.The method is:

1. Drink yogurt drinks for piglets, twice a day, can be effective in one day;

2. Boil corn sticks or rice grains and mix it into the feed, that is, eat it for the sow, and also give it to the piglets.The calculation of 10 pigs per nest is required for 50g, divided into three times a day.You can also use the bottom of the pot. The method is the same.

This situation is mainly caused by the weather that pigs cannot adapt to frequent changes. Especially now, the temperature is high and low, which can easily cause pigs to catch a cold.To determine this reason, it is necessary to depend on the rapid changes in the weather, and it depends on whether the grass in the pigpen is humid.If the temperature changes fast, and the grass is tide, and the whole pig’s pigs are pulled with white or yellow stools, they can basically be diagnosed.

The treatment method is:

1. Small liquor (30-45 °) add the same vinegar, feed to the piglets for drinking, twice a day, 10 ml each time.

2. Fresh white grass turns the pigs to eat pigs.Or boil water for pigs.Boil water with gold and silver flowers or eggplant seedlings.

This situation is mainly due to the lack of trace elements in the feed during pregnancy, and it does not guarantee that a certain amount of green feed or a large amount of grain during pregnancy is not guaranteed.There is a very obvious symptoms caused by this situation. In addition to pulling water and sticky stools (white), the piglet body is also white, the abnormal white, and it has been fed for a long time for a long timeThere are still these symptoms.

The treatment method is:

1. 1 copy of liver essence, 5%glucose, mixed, internal injection, 2ml per pig;

2. 2.5 grams of magnesium sulfate, 2.5 grams of cobalt chloride, 1 grams of copper sulfate, 1000 ml of water, 2 to 5 ml of piglets per piglet, coated with sow nipples or mixed with feed and drinking water.

This situation is mainly caused by the piglets drinking dirty water, eating dirty food or even feces or grass pads.The symptoms are also thin, white or yellow, but the difference is very stinky.

The treatment method is:

1. Use garlic to peel and mash them with garlic mud to feed the sick pigs. If you do n’t eat it, you can use your finger to put the garlic mud into the pig’s mouth.Each garlic can be fed 3-5 piglets.

2. Wash the leek, chop it, wrap it with fine gauze, and squeeze the juice to feed the piglets.You need 200g of leeks each time, twice a day, 3 days of effect.

3. Orally orally, 0.5 to 1 grams each time.

What methods do you have used and what are the methods, simple and easy to use, let’s talk about it together.If this article is useful, please pay attention and share.(Editor -in -chief: Li Yunfei, responsible for the school: Liu Aochu, the person in charge of the second instance: Zhang Fuxu)

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