Training for pregnancy!The marathon champion is 7 months old and the big belly is still running and raising the iron

On November 14th, Beijing time, according to the US "Runner World", the Spanish Marathon champion Clarala-Simal has been running and weightlifting in the gym during pregnancy, and encouraged other pregnant women to do this.She was holding a picture of the ballast of the gym in the gym, which became the focus of discussion among public opinion.

In an interview with the Spanish TV channel Antena3, Simar said: "I can continue to run during pregnancy. The doctor told me that I can exercise. It should be encouraged to exercise during pregnancy because you feel that it is much better … to ensure that the baby will never never never never be a baby.It will lack air. Your breathing should be good, you should feel comfortable. "

Simar’s training video shows that she is trained on the gym and track and field, and she encourages "exercise at all stages" during pregnancy.She explained how she continued her daily life, but she would reduce her training intensity at some point to ensure that she would not be too tired or made her heart rate too high.

The 32 -year -old architect from Madrid won the Spanish Marathon Championship in 2017 and won the second place in 2018.In September this year, she said on Twitter: "I added Plati (extended exercise methods for fitness and flexibility training with special equipment), free gymnastics of hips and pelvis, these exercises will definitely help me avoid any discomfort.. My movements are getting slower and slower, but I know that what I do is good for me and my children. "

In the largest study of the same type last year, researchers observed the impact of running on premature birth.The research surveyed 1,293 pregnant women who run in the rampal field.Researchers found that 45%of the subjects chose not to run during pregnancy, 15%of the subjects stopped running in the early stages of pregnancy, 25%of the subjects were running in the middle of pregnancy, 16%of the subjects were running in the late pregnancy.EssenceThey found that most babies were born in full moon, and there is no difference between the premature birth rate and low birth weight of runners and non -runners.

In addition, research by the University of Madrid found that exercise during pregnancy can reduce the time for women’s delivery.According to the guidelines of the British National Health Insurance System, for most pregnant women, it is safe to continue to exercise 30 minutes per day.Guide to the British National Medical Service System suggested that during pregnancy, you should "keep daily normal physical exercise."In other words, if you are not a runner, don’t start running during pregnancy.Like Simal, you can insist on appropriate daily exercise.If you are not sure about the exercise rules during pregnancy, you can consult your doctor or dysplasses.(Red)

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